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Follow the fun at Soneva’s award-winning family resorts. Think island-style Easter egg hunts, creative crafts and irresistible treats to delight young guests and adventurous teens. Join the water games at Soneva Kiri, and indulge in special wellness rituals that reflect new beginnings and themed dining experiences to celebrate Easter in the Maldives and the Songkran New Year festival in Thailand.

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A Family Resort in the Maldives - Easter Celebrations

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One-of-a-kind experiences, activities and visiting experts through our Soneva Stars calendar, from Michelin-starred chefs to sporting legends and wellness specialists.

Claus Meyer

For more than 30 years, Claus Meyer has been a gastronomic entrepreneur. Through countless initiatives within the food and restaurant industries, he has inspired generations to expect the next meal to be delicious and healthy and to consider eating an agricultural act. Inspired by his learnings from building three-Michelin-starred noma with Rene Redzepi and initiating the Nordic cuisine movement, he went on to pursue his dream to help unfold culinary potentials outside of Scandinavia. In 2010 he established the Melting Pot Foundation, through which he founded food schools in Danish state prisons, Bolivia, Colombia, the USA and most recently in Morocco. In August 2015, Claus moved to New York City with his family to steer the 2016 opening of fine dining, Michelin-restaurant Agern and Great Northern Food Hall. Agern won a Michelin star after just six months of operation, and the Food Hall was called out in New York Times as “Nirvana, Nordic Style”. After returning to Denmark with his family in 2018,  he joined IKEA Foods Advisory Group to help propel a new, sustainable, and more delicious food offering. He also co-founded and is an active board member of Madens Folkemøde (the Peoples Public Food Assembly), an annual summit in Denmark. In October 2023, Claus published his Danish autobiography Drømmer. The book adds to more than 25 publications, including two cookbooks in English, The Nordic Kitchen – One Year of Family Cooking and Meyer’s Bakery – Bread and Baking in the Nordic Kitchen.
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Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy is an accomplished astrophotographer from Arizona who has gained recognition for his captivating images of celestial objects. Growing up in Sacramento, Andrew developed an interest in astronomy during his childhood, sparked by his father’s telescope. He later pursued computer science and mathematics in college and worked in the tech industry before rediscovering his love for astronomy. His innovative techniques in astrophotography, coupled with his computer science background, have helped him to develop a unique style that emphasizes intricate details and textures in his work. His striking images of the moon, in particular, have been praised for their unprecedented clarity and depth, revealing hidden features. Andrew’s work has been published in various magazines, including National Geographic, The New York Times, and Wired. He has also received recognition for his contributions to astrophotography, such as the Astronomy Photographer of the Year award from the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Alongside his photography, Andrew is a passionate advocate for science education and outreach, aiming to make Earth-based space exploration more accessible to inspire the next generation of enthusiasts to explore the cosmos.
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Tom Aikens

Tom Aikens is one of the UK’s most acclaimed and inspirational British chefs. Growing up in Norfolk, with a father working in the wine industry and a childhood spent gardening and cooking with his mother, Tom learnt how to make use of the freshest ingredients, putting food at the centre of his life from a very early age. As a child, Tom and his twin brother Rob would help their mother in the kitchen with the preparation of cakes, biscuits, jams, chutneys and home cooked meals, using fresh vegetables picked from their garden. Spending most holidays in France, Tom began to develop a flavour for French food which inspired him to develop his cooking skills further. Tom enrolled at the Norwich City College Hotel School, completing an Advanced Catering Diploma in 1989 and then began his career at Michelin-starred Cavalier’s in Battersea, London. He then moved onto The Capital Hotel working under Philip Britten, followed by a chef-de-partie position with Pierre Koffmann at La Tante Claire at a time when the restaurant was awarded with its third Michelin star. Tom later worked for Joel Robuchon in Paris, Gérard Boyer in Reims and Pied-à-Terre to name a few. It was in Pied-à-Terre that Tom became the youngest British chef ever to be awarded two Michelin stars, aged just 26. In 2000, Tom decided to take some time out of the restaurant kitchen and immerse himself in the world of farming, working alongside Carole Bamford, eventually opening Daylesford Organics for the family. Tom’s aim was to learn more about locally grown organic produce, the importance of traceability and sustainability, whilst also gaining experience in the abattoir, deciding with farmers, the best breeds and cuts for the farm’s shop.
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Jeremy Lynch

Jeremy Lynch is a global leading football content creator and social media star with a combined following of 50 million. Jeremy began his career as an accomplished Football Freestyler launching the F2 Freestylers in 2012 which became a global powerhouse that pioneered football social media content. Throughout his career, Jeremy has worked with the biggest names and brands in football including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar Junior, as well as starring in some of the most-watched football charity games in the world including ITV’s Soccer Aid for UNICEF and Petrov’s Match of Hope.
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The Phly Boyz

Starting as street performers, the Phly Boyz have evolved into a renowned party band that has appeared in over 30 countries. With an expanding repertoire of cover songs from the 1920s to modern music, the group have fans of all ages and nationalities. Their clientele includes movie stars, royalty, elite businesses and world-class restaurants. Currently based in the South of France, the group met at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, where they discovered talent for street performing on holiday in France. Applying their musical knowledge from Berklee with the energy from performing, they created The Phly Boyz. The name is homage to their performance style with “Phly” representing “on the flying” to celebrate their spontaneity, along with “Boyz” which represents their spirit of being forever young. As natural performers, their speciality is performing entirely acoustic at any location bringing fun and good music to all. Onto their next phase, with all members of the group as independent songwriters they are currently creating their first EP of original music together.  
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Jesse Blake

Jesse Blake, a seasoned professional renowned for his successful kitchens in Perth, Australia, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a dynamic force in the hospitality scene. Known for his respect for produce, creativity, passion, and dedication, Jesse has received international recognition and high acclaim for his commitment to sustainability and locally grown produce. From opening popular venues in Perth to working as a Culinary Consultant in Dubai, Jesse’s culinary influence has spanned across continents. He has recently launched the Eye Heart Rabbit pop-up, offering a contemporary take on Middle Eastern influences, and opened Akina, a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Mumbai. Currently leading the creative direction at LOWE, Jesse is also preparing for the launch of La Lune, a new classic French bistro in Perth.
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Deepanker Khosla

Deepanker Khosla is the chef behind Haoma in Bangkok – one of the most sustainable restaurants in the world. A neo-Indian award-winning restaurant with a socially and environmentally responsible heart and explosive flavours. It is the result of a deep exploration of his roots and a journey that takes guests from East to West, from the land to the sea and through every corner of the immense Indian territory, all done with Thai produce, most of which they grow themselves. Haoma earned its first Michelin star in 2022, combined with a Michelin Green Star for outstanding work in sustainability. Chef Deepanker also achieved the first ever ‘Champions of Change’ award given in 2021 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List.
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Our Destinations

The Maldives

Soneva Fushi

The original Soneva in the Maldives’ Baa Atoll. Soneva Fushi inspires the imagination and holds a special magic that sees guests returning as friends.

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The Maldives

Soneva Jani

Uninterrupted ocean views create a unique castaway experience. The overwater and island villas offer the ultimate in privacy and laid back luxury.

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The Maldives

Soneva Secret 2024

Our barefoot paradise presents the ultimate in privacy and seclusion, where the beauty of nature abounds. Experience a fresh new wave of personalised hospitality.

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Soneva Kiri, Eco-luxury Resort in Thailand


Soneva Kiri

Located in tropical rainforest, on an unspoiled island with some of the best beaches in Thailand, Soneva Kiri offers an unparalleled blend of luxury and eco-friendly design.

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Soneva in Aqua, Luxury Yacht in the Maldives

The Maldives

Soneva in Aqua

Soneva in Aqua offers the freedom to explore the Indian Ocean. This luxurious two cabin yacht has elegant spacious interiors, multiple levels of decks and an outdoor Jacuzzi.

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Luxury Family Villas

With one to nine bedrooms, private pools and home-away-from-home details such as fitness suites and wine cellars, our expansive private villas have room for families and groups of all sizes. Choose to stay in an island villa, surrounded by jungle and just steps from the beach, or in the largest overwater villas in the Maldives and wake up to spectacular ocean views.

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Discover Soneva Soul

Soneva Soul is a transformative wellness concept that blends thousands of years of ancient healing wisdom with the latest science and innovation.

Peter Harper

After a lifetime of research and practice exploring the essence of meditation and self-realisation, Peter recognised the longing in others to find peace and fulfilment in their daily lives. He is now dedicated to sharing the insights, techniques and guidance he has found to be fundamental to healing on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Peter is the Founder of a Conscious Living Initiative, The Drunken Monk, hosting retreats online and in-person, guiding the Art of Being Authentically Human. He is a Master of the ‘Enlightenment Intensive’ retreat which is his signature process and renowned for its efficacy. During his visit, Peter will be offering fundamentals of meditation sessions designed for all levels of meditators, along with specialised sessions focused on the benefits in daily life, how to decompress and stay relaxed during intense situations, clearing your mind, and learning to activate the imagination, create and manifest.  
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Paweennuch Soisongsee

Paweennuch Soisongsee, also known as Khun Noom, is a highly experienced healer who has dedicated over 20 years to practising different modalities across Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. Committed to “setting man free” through the transformative power of Reiki and sound healing, her classes are known for their powerful awakening and transformational effects and have been sought after by people from all over the world. Her ultimate goal is to help people heal from their physical, mental, and spiritual suffering, while also assisting them in achieving a state of awareness where they can tap into their inner truth.
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Hortensia Corredoira

During her 15-year career, Hortensia has collaborated with the UN, Olympics Sports Federations and several private clinics. She has a Master’s in Osteopathy and degrees in Sports Education and Physiotherapy. Originally focused on a traditional osteopathic approach to treating sports injuries, Hortensia’s methodology evolved to reflect evidence that stress, emotions and unchanneled trauma have a direct impact on the body. She works closely with you to get to the root of your concerns, using a unique, multi-pronged approach that combines traditional osteopathy with her deep knowledge of the body’s biodynamic, skeletal, muscular and craniosacral systems.
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