Visiting Practitioner

Hortensia Corredoira

From October 28, 2021 to April 27, 2022

Soneva Jani

Body Work | Osteopathy | Pain Relief

Based in Italy but originally from Spain, during her 15-year career Hortensia has collaborated with the UN, Olympics Sports Federations and a number of private clinics. She first started working with Soneva when she travelled to the Maldives to treat a young local girl. Since then, Soneva’s resorts have become her second home, and she returns every year to share her extensive knowledge and experience with our guests.

Hortensia has a Masters in Osteopathy and degrees in Sports Education in Sports Education and Physiotherapy. Originally focused on a traditional osteopathic approach to treating sports injuries, her methodology evolved to reflect evidence that stress, emotions and unchanneled trauma have a direct impact on the body.

Deeply empathetic by nature, Hortensia works closely with you to get to the root of your concerns, using a unique multi-pronged approach that combines traditional osteopathy with her deep knowledge of the body’s biodynamic, skeletal, muscular and craniosacral systems.

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