Søren Ørbek Ledet

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Søren Ørbek Ledet

From October 31, 2024 to November 12, 2024

Søren Ørbek Ledet is the wine director, general manager and co-owner of the Michelin-starred Geranium in Copenhagen, Denmark. For Søren, a former chef turned sommelier and front-of-house manager, the transition from the kitchen to the cellar and restaurant was a natural progression, driven by his desire to offer guests a complete experience. His meticulous wine pairings involve extensive theory, tasting notes and a deep understanding of the flavour profiles of wine and dishes.

Managing Geranium’s 25,000-bottle wine cellar requires constant evolution. Søren likens discovering a new domain, chateau or vintage to opening a present as a child – a moment of discovery and enlightenment. The Geranium Wine Cellar features biodynamic wines, classic vintages and unexpected surprises, showcasing his dedication to providing an extraordinary dining experience.


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