Your wellness matters to us

Soneva's response to COVID-19

Updated: September 1, 2020

Although the ‘New Normal’ in the Thailand will be different from the normal life we enjoyed before COVID-19, the country remains safe due to the success of the governments quick action against the spread of COVID-19. To ensure the highest standards of safety and wellness for our guests, we have made some changes to our existing procedures, which are outlined below.

These have been made following best practices recommended by the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) as well as our numerous consultations with leading experts in both Virology and Infectious Diseases in the United States, Singapore, India and the United Kingdom. Our goal is to make our private island homes COVID-19 free environments, so that all of our guests can truly relax and feel comfortable in the knowledge that we are doing everything possible to prevent COVID-19 reaching our shores.


Upon check in at Suvarnabhumi Airport you will be greeted by one of our Airport Hosts. All our Airport Hosts, lounge Hosts and transfer Hosts will all be wearing masks, disposable gloves and follow highest standards of wellness at all times.

We would request that all guests wear a face mask in the airport and during the flight. Our Hosts will also be wearing masks.

Soneva aircraft and transfer/excursion boats will also be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each ride.


Landing at our airport, the guests will be greeted by a Barefoot Butler who will be escorting guests to the boat which will bring you over to our resort jetty.

All our Hosts at Soneva resorts will be wearing face masks and we would ask our guests to wear mask at this point as well.

The guest luggage will be thoroughly sanitized before it reaches the resort or the villa. The guest villas are exhaustively sanitized / disinfected and are thoroughly cleaned before and after every check-in and check-out.

We also require that all guests have their temperature taken daily.

We also have implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols across our entire resorts in collaboration with hygiene certification organisations, and there will be plenty of hand sanitizer available for guest usage at all times. We are working with one of the world’s leading inspection, testing, verification and certification companies to provide an enhanced control in the current Hygiene Protocols to manage and reduce COVID-19 risks and to provide increased assurance to our guests.

All cutlery and crockery will be thoroughly sanitized in accordance with internally accepted guidelines. All of our resort restaurants, facilities and experiences remain open and operational, with some modifications. For instance, our Chocolate Rooms will now be manned by our Pastry Chefs, who have moved there so that you can watch them making (and serving!) the chocolate. Our famous breakfast buffets will remain; however, our Hosts will now be there to serve guests. All of our Hosts are very much looking forward to welcoming guests back to our resorts!

We have strict deep-cleaning and disinfection protocols at all our common areas specifically the high-touch points such as door handles.


Wellness has always been at the core of Soneva. This is now even more important.

From a holistic wellness perspective, clean sea air and daily sunshine that generates Vitamin D is just what the doctor ordered.

We would encourage our guests to enjoy the healthy foods we serve, whether it is the Ayurvedic elixirs at breakfast, the Andrographis Paniculata, (a known Ayurvedic immune booster) that we offer on a complimentary basis, or the many other healthy anti-viral ingredients that feature in our food such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, red onions, cinnamon and cardamom.

Furthermore, our menus are mostly seasonal, fresh, and straight from our organic gardens or waters surrounding our resorts. We limit the amount of sugar, dairy, white flour and beef, instead opting for high protein white meat and vegetable alternatives. We offer a regular programme of yoga and meditation, as well as other visiting wellness practitioners.

While there will be small changes to what would normally happen during your stay with us, on the most part things will remain the same. Which is exactly how we want it to be. Your health and wellness are our priority and we hope that our rigorous standards will reassure you that you will have a safe and unforgettable holiday with your loved ones during your next stay with us.

Based on the evolving situation, we will regularly update this document based on the latest news and recommendations.