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The Soneva Foundation supports the development of projects that have a positive environmental, social and economic impact. Wherever possible, the Soneva Foundation uses impact investing principles, seeking to recover outlays through carbon finance, which in turn will be fed back into projects to help extend the reach and benefits to more families. 

Soneva Foundation’s Projects

Myanmar Stoves Campaign

The Myanmar Stoves Campaign is the first Gold Standard Foundation certified carbon project in Myanmar which will see the distribution of fuel-efficient cook stoves to over 200,000 families. Each stove saves 2.5 tonnes of wood per year and reduces air pollution by 80% -improving the health and safety of the whole community.
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Myanmar Mangrove Restoration 

Blue carbon is captured by the world’s oceans, representing more than 55% of the carbon sequestrated by plants. Mangroves sequester up to five time more CO2 than trees in terrestrial forests. The Soneva Foundation engaged Worldview International Foundation to restore 600 hectares of mangrove forest in Myanmar. 1.5 million mangroves have been planted, completing the site in September 2022.
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Mozambique Forest Restoration 

In 2022 we engaged in the Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 3.7 million trees in Matica Sede, Mozambique, over a period of four years beginning January 2022. A key component of the project is to use indigenous tree species, based on the mimbo forest type, which are planted by the local community. To date, 365,389 trees have already been planted.
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Hornbill Reintroduction

The Hornbill is an important species for the island as it helps spread the seeds of bigger trees, which improves the biodiversity of the forest. Around 40 years ago, hornbills disappeared from Koh Kood, Thailand. The Soneva Foundation is working with the Hornbill Research Foundation to reintroduce hornbills on Koh Kood in Thailand.
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Coral Propagation

The Maldives is an island nation with an enchanting underwater beauty. Corals play an important role in ocean biodiversity, with 25% of sealife living on the reef.  The Soneva Foundation has set up one of the biggest coral nurseries in the world using Mineral Accretion Technology (MAT).
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Action Against Hunger

Childhood malnutrition is a potentially fatal health condition. The Soneva Foundation works with Action Against Hunger to fight it across the world. In 2020, we committed USD 150,000 for a three-year project in southern Bangladesh to strengthen households’ capacity for climate adaptive and resilient livelihoods to tackle food insecurity and under-nutrition.
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Clean Water Projects 

760 million people globally still lack access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services. The Soneva Foundation has funded over 500 projects in 53 countries that provide access to clean water or basic sanitation services to over 750,000 people worldwide.
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Soneva Namoona

Soneva Namoona is a Maldivian NGO, funded by the Soneva Foundation, working to empower zero waste communities. It engages with seven islands in Baa Atoll and one island in Haa Dhaalu and, in the Noonu Atoll, has embarked on an atoll-wide project as a strategic and technical partner on waste management issues (across 13 islands). 
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Thailand Reforestation

Deforestation is responsible for around 11% of global carbon emissions. Forests sequester or store carbon mainly in trees and soil, making them a sink. Restoring forests is an important solution to reverse climate change and improve biodiversity. The Soneva Foundation supports projects that restore the natural forest by planting a variety of native species.
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Darfur Stoves Project 

We provide stoves to war-torn Darfur – women in Darfur are particularly vulnerable to violent attacks while foraging for wood. This project has created a local industry around the assembly of cook stoves, bringing much needed employment to an area where jobs are scarce.
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SLOW LIFE Symposium 

The SLOW LIFE Symposium gathered the best scientists, philanthropists, business leaders and policy makers for three days of problem-solving around the most pressing sustainability challenges and opportunities facing humanity.
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Soneva Dialogue

Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) is an initiative resulting from a series of Keystone Dialogues between scientists and seafood companies. The SeaBOS initiative follows the hypothesis that a small minority of powerful actors can influence a majority of smaller actors.
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About the Soneva Foundation

The Soneva Foundation a registered charity in the UK with registration number 1138811.

The Trustees are Sonu Shivdasani, Eva Malmström Shivdasani, and Bruce Bromley. The Secretary of the Soneva Foundation is Arnfinn Oines.


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If you would like to donate to the Soneva Foundation, kindly get in touch with us and we will facilitate this.

Impact Investing

We are constantly looking for partners to work with. To make a greater impact we are interested in investments in our existing and potentially new projects. For some projects we can look at investment options where we are able to recover funds invested either in full or partially. If you are interested kindly contact us and we will discuss options.

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