Myanmar Stoves Campaign

Distributed 48,000 stoves

An 80% reduction in air pollution

225,000 People benefitted


Myanmar has one of the fastest rates of deforestation in the world, with most of the wood used for domestic cooking. The Myanmar Stoves Campaign is a Soneva Foundation programme that distributes fuel efficient cook stoves to thousands of families. It is the first Gold Standard-certified carbon project in Myanmar.

The Myanmar Stoves Campaign has been successfully operating for nine years, together with our implementation partner Mercy Corps Myanmar. 

Each stove reduces carbon emissions by 60% per year and so far the campaign has distributed 48,000 stoves, which has resulted in an astonishing 80% reduction in air pollution reflected by the issuing of 253,901 GS VERs. The other positive impacts of this campaign extend to the surrounding communities seen in 225,000 people directly benefiting through the generation of new jobs. These impacts are further actualised by the observed generation of 37 million USD in social value.

You can support the rapid delivery of stoves by buying carbon credits to fund our continued distribution of fuel-efficient cook stoves to improve the lives of Myanmar families. 

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