Hornbill Reintroduction

Released 9 oriental-pied hornbills


Around 40 years ago, hornbills disappeared from Koh Kood, Thailand. It is said that hunting from migrant workers and some locals was the cause. 

The Soneva Foundation is working with the Hornbill Research Foundation to reintroduce hornbills on Koh Kood in Thailand. The Hornbill is an important species for the island as it helps spread the seeds of bigger trees, which improves the biodiversity of the forest. 

The Soneva Foundation, in collaboration with the Hornbill Research Foundation, is spearheading the reintroduction of hornbills to Koh Kood in Thailand, a species that faced extinction on the island approximately 40 years ago. 

The significance of the hornbill lies in its crucial role as a key species for the island’s ecosystem. By aiding in the dispersion of seeds from larger trees, these majestic birds contribute significantly to enhancing the biodiversity of the island’s forests. 

Under the auspices of Thailand’s Zoological Parks Organization, the hornbills have been carefully released on Koh Kood, following approvals from the Department of National Parks and in cooperation with local authorities. 

Since May 2022, a total of nine oriental pied hornbills have been successfully reintroduced. We have also observed hatchling sounds from one of the artificial nests where a female hornbill had enclosed herself in the 2024 mating season. Exact numbers remains unconfirmed as we eagerly await the birth of Koh Kood-born hornbill chicks, marking a crucial milestone in restoring the island’s ecosystem and preserving its natural heritage. 

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