Myanmar Mangrove Restoration 

Planted 2.5 million mangroves

Restored 1,000  Hectares

1.5 million tonnes  of CO2 to be mitigated


Mangrove forests are coastal guardians and play a vital role in ocean biodiversity. One of its biggest strengths lies in the forest’s ability to capture and store carbon, up to five time more CO2 than trees in terrestrial forests. 

The Soneva Foundation engaged Worldview International Foundation to plant 2.5 million mangroves in Myanmar, restoring 1,000 hectares of mangrove forests. The last 1 million mangroves were planted in the soil on September 2023. 

The mangrove restoration project is being registered under VERRA and is expected to generate 1.5 million carbon credits. 

2.5 million mangroves planted in Myanmar.  

“Thanks to the mangrove forest project, I can now support my children in whatever way they want,” says Ko Zin Naing who works as a forest ranger to monitor the development of the mangroves planted. 

Mangrove planting in Kyon Chaik, Myanmar. 

“I am happier now that I can plant trees to defend my village from natural disasters, says Ma Khine Thazin. 

Climate change has become a major cause of rising hunger around the world. 

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