Thailand Reforestation

Planted 500,000 trees

Restored 300 acres

Mitigated 255,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide


The Soneva Foundation partnered with PATT Foundation to plant over 500,000 trees covering 300 acres in the Chiang Mai region of northern Thailand in 2011-12.

We used a Framework Species Methodology, with guidance from Forest Restoration Research Unit of Chiang Mai University. 90 species of trees were planted. Over a period of 7-8 years, seed-disbursing birds have increased the number of species further, creating a rich biodiverse forest.

The project will mitigate an estimated 255,000 tons of CO2. Three main sites were restored at Doi Paa Maa in Sri Lanna National Park, Royal Project at Nong Hoi and Pai River Watershed Wildlife Sanctuary. 

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