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Featured Experts in London

Our transformative wellness concept, Soneva Soul, combines ancient healing with modern science to reconnect mind, body and soul. Guided by the principle of ‘lifestyle evolution’, each Soneva Soul wellness centre hosts regular residencies by the world’s most acclaimed wellness experts.

In partnership with London’s leading wellness practitioners, you can start or continue your Soneva Soul wellness journey while at home, too. Browse our recommended wellness experts to curate your personal care plan, achieve your long-term wellness goals and realise your utmost potential.

London Clinic of Nutrition

The London Clinic of Nutrition stands out with its unique selling proposition of offering personalized, evidence-based nutrition solutions tailored to individual needs. Their comprehensive services include nutritional consultations, dietary assessments, personalized meal plans, and ongoing support to address a wide range of health conditions and achieve optimal wellness.

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Maureen Cromey

Maureen is a highly respected acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine specialist with over 35 years of experience. She founded the Chiswick Acupuncture Clinic in 1987 and expanded to Harley Street in 2008.

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Massage Therapist

Sarah Jane Watson

Sarah uses a highly intuitive approach to treating her clients. Her award-winning SJW Signature Treatment is based on her three decades of study and spiritual practice and restores equanimity to the body and mind.

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Women’s Sexual Health

Sophie Benge

Sophie has over 25 years of experience and is the founder of The Art of Being SHE – a unique approach that guides women to connect with their innate feminine nature and nurture their sensual energy

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Sadaf Jaffari

Sadaf is a renowned aesthetician with a long list of celebrity clients. She uses a range of cutting-edge technology and treatments best suited to her clients’ needs to deliver instant results every time.

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Recommended Experts in London

Working in partnership with you, our recommended wellness experts create personalised journeys that support every aspect of your life.

Hypnotherapy | Anxiety Expert

Chloe Brotheridge

Chloe is a hypnotherapist, coach, mentor and the host of The Calmer You Podcast. She specialises in helping people calm work stress and feel more confident. She’s also the author of The Anxiety Solution and The Confidence Solution.

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Eddy Elsey

Eddy is a British shamanic practitioner who breaks down authentic spiritual practices for modern minds. His work has been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Telegraph and the Evening Standard.

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Amberin Fur

Amberin has been practising for over 25 years. She combines photobiomodulation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and functional medicine to help her clients achieve optimum wellbeing and overall health.

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Preventative Health Expert

Katie Brindle

Katie is an expert in Chinese medicine and women’s wellness. She is also the best-selling author of Yang Sheng: The art of Chinese self-healing, and the founder of the multi-award-winning 360 lifestyle brand Hayo’u.

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Psychotherapy | Intuitive Healing

Fiona Arrigo

Fiona and The Arrigo Programme have become the epitome of deep therapeutic care. She launched Britain’s first alternative health retreat and draws on her lifelong studies of ancient teachings and experience as a biodynamic psychotherapist.

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Lulu Winfield

Lulu was an original founding member of Doula UK. She has since specialised as a trained maternity reflexologist, hypnobirthing instructor and yoga birth teacher.

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Elisa Burato

Elisa is a registered osteopath specialising in women’s health and pre-post-natal care, along with massage and osteopathy for all ages and genders.

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Fertility | Women’s Health | Trauma Expert

Emma Cannon

Emma has been supporting individuals and couples on the path to becoming parents for over 25 years. Her aim is to help people to become parents from a place of health and balance.

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Psychotherapy | Business Coach | Spiritual Teacher

Andrew Wallas

Andrew has extensive experience working with, and healing, addiction and abuse. Using a hybrid of approaches and techniques, such as breath, bodywork, psycho-drama, voice and Deeksha, he works to release internal blocks and achieve a profound alchemical transformation.

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Lymphatic Drainage & Modelling Massage

Ana Trida

Ana is a Brazilian nurse with over 18 years’ experience. She started her career working in oncology and bone marrow transplantation and later became an expert in the lymphatic system and the various issues it can bring when not functioning correctly.

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Vedic Meditation

Jillian Lavender

Jillian is one of the world’s most experienced and in-demand teachers of Vedic meditation. Founder of London and New York Meditation Centres, Jillian is also the author of Why Meditate? Because It Works.

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Acupuncture | Physiotherapy | Massage

Renata Nunes

Renata combines her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with her years of experience in physiotherapy. After graduating with a degree in physiotherapy, she later specialised in motor rehabilitation and resistive exercises for seniors.

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Gaby Lewis

Gaby brings energy, healing and direction together with dedication and care to help her clients safely achieve incredibly positive results. A specialist in rehabilitation, she was voted as one of the Evening Standard’s top ten pilates instructors.

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Reiki Master | Energy Healer


Shaylini provides deeply healing treatments ranging from Reiki healing and chakra balancing to guided healing meditations and an array of healing energy therapies to free her clients from emotional, mental and physical imbalances.

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Reiki | Crystal Healing

Reeya Avani

Reeya is a personal healer, Reiki master and crystal healer based in central London. Her Reiki lineage traces right back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, and is fully versed in the teachings of this incredible healing discipline.

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Francesca Oddie

Francesca is an astrologist dedicated to sharing the life changing insights of “real” astrology. Qualified in Natural Sciences, Esoteric Astrology, Professional Forecasting and Chirology, her readings help release feelings of uncertainty and leave her clients refreshed and restored.

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