Soneva Namoona Stories: Soneva Water

A story by Katarzyna Maria Izydorczyk, Director of Soneva Namoona Operations and Community Engagement – Maldives

Soneva Water had a record-breaking month of sales in the month of July 2021. 9,344 liters of water were sold avoiding roughly 14,000 single-use-plastic bottles! Soneva Water sales were so high due to Eid celebrations, eased Covid-restrictions and the re-opening of some cafes and restaurants. The month of July was also a popular month for island tournaments, and with the assistance from Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani, water was provided for 3 different tournaments in 18.9 liter bottles, encouraging participants to bring reusable bottles or cups to the events. Soneva Water supported various community events in the month of July: futsal tournaments in Eydhafushi and Kihaadhoo in Baa Atoll and one in Lhohi in Noonu Atoll.

We would like to thank the Soneva Water team in Maalhos: Abdulla Farhad, Adam Yoosuf and Abdulla Zayaan Ali, for their hard work, increased sales and continued battle against single-use-plastics. We look forward to seeing a steady increase in water sales as more services open up and our client list extends to more islands across the Baa Atoll. Since the opening of the water bottling plant, Soneva Water has provided reusable alternatives for communities to avoid over 160,000 single-use-plastic bottles!

“Namoona” refers to something that is exemplary, ideal, an exception. The lighthouse communities of Soneva Namoona shine a path for island communities all around the world. 

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