Coral Propagation

Rescued 20,000 coral colonies

Out-planted 8,000 coral colonies

Growing 50,000 coral fragments


The Maldives is an island nation with an enchanting underwater beauty. Corals play an important role in ocean biodiversity, with 25% of sealife living on the reef. 

In collaboration with and the Soneva Fushi SCIE:NCE team, the Soneva Foundation has set up one of the biggest coral nurseries in the world using Mineral Accretion Technology (MAT). Located at the outer edge of the house reef, the coral nursery at Soneva Fushi comprises 432 table structures, arranged in three circular clusters. 

In 2022, the core MAT tables have been filled with 50,000 coral fragments. 

Additional investment in coral spawning and rearing lab and micro-fragmenting tanks have been made, which will be up and running early 2023. 

The yearly output of corals generated and out-planted is expected to be between 100,000 and 150,000 coral fragments. 

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