Luxury & Sustainability

Guardians of places that have existed long before us, our unique vision is inspired by nature’s magnitude, mystery and enchanting beauty.

Founded on shared passions and masters of innovation, we are a thriving community working hand in hand with the environment to craft beautiful, beyond bespoke experiences where discovery is a way of life.

With our expert hosts as your personal guide, we invite you to explore and delight in the possibility of each moment as time melts away and lose yourself in experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Our Philosophy

Inspiring a Lifetime of Rare Experiences


If ‘luxury’ is defined as a rarity, then in today’s society that means peace, time and space. At Soneva, our unique experiences are in keeping with our interpretation of luxury. Real luxury is about feeling the sand between your toes or enjoying dinner under a canopy of a billion stars. It is about reconnecting with oneself and the natural world, and so the experiences we create for our guests are as far removed from the urban environment as possible. We intend to provide real luxury and rare experiences that strike a chord in our guests’ hearts.

Sonu Shivdasani shares Soneva’s philosophy, values and what makes us different.

The Boy and the Coconut

“The Boy and the Coconut” is a beautiful story of Soneva’s pursuit for true luxury, which is rare and unattainable.

Day-to-day city life is so hectic with so many technological gadgets where everything is connected and children can’t enjoy the real world as we adults once did. This brand film showcases how dreams can come true at Soneva, and how rare experiences are the main focus of a brand whose philosophy is based on “No News, No Shoes” and SLOW LIFE.

At Soneva, you will feel like a child all over again.

Produced and directed by Bruno Aveillan.

Pioneered by Soneva

As the first barefoot luxury resort, Soneva has always been ahead of the curve. Today, our family of resorts continues to innovate and is a world leader for guest experiences and sustainability.

Barefoot Luxury

We ask our guests if they would like to remove their shoes when they arrive. Our ‘No News, No Shoes’ philosophy is all about disconnecting from the stresses of daily life and reconnecting with the earth with the sand between your toes.


Sustainability has always been at the heart of Soneva’s ethos, from sourcing sustainable materials and pioneering ‘waste-to-wealth’ practices, to working in partnership with our local communities. We are proudly 100% carbon neutral – find out more about our sustainability initiatives here.

Organic Gardens

Each of our resorts have their own organic gardens. By growing our own fruit, vegetables and herbs, we not only have fresh, delicious ingredients for our restaurants but also reduce our reliance on importing produce over long distances.


Our SLOW LIFE philosophy aims to create unforgettable, enlightening experiences for our guests that illuminate and enrich their lives while treading lightly on the earth.

Chocolate and Ice Cream Parlours

We were the first luxury resorts to offer complimentary chocolate rooms and ice cream parlours, filled with organic treats made by our own chocolatiers and more than 60 flavours of home-made ice creams and sorbets.

Cinema Paradiso

Guests at all of our resorts can catch a classic movie at our open-air Cinema Paradiso, from the idyllic beachside setting at Soneva Fushi, the wildlife-friendly overwater silent cinema at Soneva Jani, or the floating jungle screen at Soneva Kiri.

Water Slides

Many of our larger villas at Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani and Soneva Kiri feature their own waterslides, which delight guests of all ages. On average, our guests slide down them 12 times per day.

Outdoor Bathrooms

All of our villas across our resorts feature spacious open-air bathrooms. We believe it is a luxury to shower and bathe under the stars or bask in the sun in the privacy of your own garden.



All of our resorts feature private observatories where our guests can explore the night skies. Our telescopes at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani are the largest in the Indian Ocean, and guests can also experience 3D astronomy to see the stars in all their splendour.

Soneva Art & Glass

Our state-of-the-art glass workshop at Soneva Fushi upcycles waste glass into beautiful glassware for our villas and restaurants and striking works of art. Throughout the year we welcome renowned artists in residence, as well as inviting guests to try glassblowing for themselves.

The Den

The Den children’s zone is a playground for the imagination, where young Sonevians can create, have fun and chill out. Watched over by qualified childminders, it includes a Lego room, dress up areas, learning and reading zones and a music room full of instruments.

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