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Soneva Announces its Total Impact Assessment for 2021, Celebrating Another Year of Exceptional Results

Soneva has announced the publication of its Total Impact Assessment (TIA) for 2021 in the latest Sustainability Report. The brand is built on the foundation that a business must exist for a greater purpose than shareholder returns. Soneva recognises that luxury travel and the pursuit of rare experiences can coexist with a deep care for the earth, the environment and its people and continually strives to set the benchmark for responsible tourism.

Soneva first launched our Total Impact Assessment (TIA) back in 2016, to measure its Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) and Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM). While there is currently no industry standard for environmental and social reporting, it developed methodology internally with the intention to improve year-on-year. Taking a ‘planetary boundaries’ view of its social and environmental impact, the TIA assesses impacts from sources over which Soneva has both direct and indirect control, including natural capital, human capital, social capital, economic capital and tax.

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