Clare Belfrage

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Clare Belfrage

From December 1, 2022 to December 22, 2022

Soneva Art & Glass is pleased to welcome celebrated Australian glass artist Clare Belfrage. Throughout her 30-year career, she has received numerous awards and honours, including the inaugural FUSE Glass Prize in 2016 and the Tom Malone Glass Prize in 2005 and 2011.

Clare’s detailed and complex glass drawings on blown glass forms reflect a level of artistic innovation and mastery of her craft, and have made her one of Australia’s most renowned glass artists. Inspired by nature and its various rhythms and energies, her unique sculptural objects express her fine attention to detail and a deep interest in the minutiae of the natural world.

As an artist, her point of view is often looking from close up. The ‘big’ feeling that ‘small’ gives her is intimate and powerful. The industry in nature, its rhythm and energy, dramatic and delicate, still holds her fascination, as does the language and processes of glass.

Clare will be our resident artist at Soneva Art and Glass, the Maldives’ only hot glass studio, from December 1-22, 2o22.


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