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Ajay Chopra

From October 22, 2022 to November 2, 2022

Ajay Chopra is an Indian chef, food creator, restaurant consultant and media personality. A pioneer in progressive cuisine, he was one of the first Indian chefs to host Masterchef India and helped changed the way people perceive cooking as a profession.

Born into a Punjabi family from Lucknow, he spent his childhood in multiple cities in North India. After working in hotels throughout the country, he started his own company, Zion Hospitality, a food and beverage consulting company which caters to food and beverage units including hotels, Restaurants, QSR and casual cafe concepts.

In 2018, he also started his own YouTube channel, The big daddy chef, which shares a collection of recipes that encourages families to have fun in the kitchen. Taking inspiration from authentic Indian dishes, Ajay transforms recipes into easy step-by-step processes. His cooking style is unique, using simple ingredients which have led him to be on the list of best chefs in India.


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