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在Soneva Secret 2024感受全新的个性化服务体验,位于马尔代夫哈达卢环礁(Haa Dhaalu Atoll)的清澈海水中蔚为壮观。经过三十年的打磨,我们的赤足天堂呈现出极致的私密性犹如世外桃源,自然之美无处不在。


作为哈达卢环礁的第一个度假村,Soneva Secret拥有14座水上和海岛别墅,其中包括马尔代夫唯一的奢华漂浮别墅。旨在提供终极的索尼娃服务和卓越的服务标准,每座别墅都设有一个由三名服务人员组成的专属团队,包括一名赤足管家、一名赤足助理和一名专属厨师,以确保您的每次入住都是完全个性化的体验。

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Soneva Secret的每座别墅都配有专属的私人厨师,为客人呈现出融合全球美味的个性化餐饮体验。客人还可以在度假村探索一系列精致的烹饪体验,包括在我们的避世餐厅和天文台享用更高级别的葡萄酒搭配和限量版菜品,免费品尝奶酪和巧克力,以及更多。


Out of This World餐厅



The Living Room



So Primitive





Sunset Dolphin Cruise

A truly captivating experience, watch dozens of playful dolphins under the Maldives’ endless blues skies. As you cruise into deeper waters, you will be served snacks and light refreshments.

Swimming with Manta Rays​ & Turtles

Join us as we search for the enigmatic, graceful, inquisitive and charismatic manta rays and turtles in the waters of the Makunudhoo Atoll. Swim and snorkel in various bays around the island, which are home to majestic manta rays and turtles. There are several locations to explore, so itineraries may vary. *Please note that sightings are frequent but not guaranteed.

Castaway Picnic​

Let us whisk you away to one of our private sandbanks for a true castaway experience. Hop aboard our boat and sail to the island with your picnic basket, snorkelling gear, sunbeds and umbrella. Once set up, they will leave you to enjoy the pure tranquillity of the castaway life.

The Spa

Our integrative wellness concept unites thousands of years of ancient healing wisdom with the latest in science and innovation. Discover a curated selection of wellness services designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and rebalance in our serene treatment room or in the private in-villa treatment room. Start each day with a salute to the rising sun with group or one-to-one yoga and meditation sessions on the soft white sands. Realign your wellness goals with your lifestyle through the help and support of our resident experts, wellness specialists and healers from around the globe. For more information and bookings, please contact [email protected] or your Barefoot Guardian on arrival.

Marine Biology & Dive Centre

With many spectacular dive sites rich with marine life near the resort and in-house PADI instructors, Soneva Secret 2024 is the perfect destination to explore the awe-inspiring wonders of the ocean.


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