Myanmar Mangrove Restoration 

Planted 1.5 million mangroves

Restored 600 Hectares

860,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide to be Mitigated


Blue carbon is captured by the world’s oceans, representing more than 55% of the carbon sequestrated by plants. Mangroves sequester up to five time more CO2 than trees in terrestrial forests.  

The Soneva Foundation engaged Worldview International Foundation to restore 600 hectares of mangrove forest in Myanmar. 1.5 million mangroves have been planted, completing the site in September 2022. 

The project will be registered under VERRA and is expected to generate 860,000 carbon credits. 

Mangroves play a key role in maintaining healthy oceans, and are the only forest that grows in salt water, as a buffer between land and sea. This tree filters and cleans run-off and sediments, protects coral reefs and seagrass meadows, as well as providing the highest capacity to mitigate CO2, with permanent storage in the ground. Their ecosystem services are of the highest value for life on our blue planet. 

1.5 million mangroves will be planted in Myanmar. Photo credit: Worldview International

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