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This year, there’s no better time to visit Soneva. Our Soneva Stars programme celebrates the diverse array of guest activities and experiences on offer, ranging from Michelin-starred chefs to sporting legends and acclaimed therapists.

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Sat, Apr 1, 2023 / Sun, Apr 30, 2023

Ken Kiriyama

Ken was a Martial Arts prodigy in his teens and for the past 36 years he has immersed himself in Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Freediving, Swimming, Ayurveda, Fitness & workout, and personal development. He is a student of Umberto Pelizzari, who trained under the legendary Jacques Mayol. He currently holds 4 National Records for Japan in deep Freediving and has held the following World rankings: 16th, 10th, 8th (twice) and 6th. He can hold his breath for nearly 8min and dive to 94m on a single breath. This is Ken´s 10th season at Soneva, where he is known to help people overcome their fears and move beyond their perceived limitations. He emphasizes that guests have a unique learning experience rediscovering their potential both mentally and physically. He has taught people of all ages how to use authentic techniques to enrich their lives and enhance health, well-being, and vitality.
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Reeya Avani

Reeya is a renowned Reiki master and crystal healer who has risen to establish herself as one of the UK’s leading Reiki masters. Operating from her private practice in London’s Mayfair, she has worked with many clients from across the globe; from celebrities and politicians to business leaders and corporate professionals, all of whom have benefited from her healing. Reeya regularly appears in the UK’s national press and has made several keynote addresses on Reiki and crystal healing.
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Carola Häggkvist

Carola Häggkvist is a Swedish singing sensation who has been dominating the music scene for four decades. Known as the ‘song queen’ of Sweden, she has excelled in various genres, including pop, schlager, gospel, hymns, musicals and Christmas albums. Throughout her remarkable career, Carola has sold over one million copies of her 1983 debut album Främling, recorded with the Bee Gees in Miami in 1986, and won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991. Outside of her music career, Carola is an activist for human rights and has opened her house to ten refugees to stay with her and her children for over three months. She has demonstrated for Iranian women’s rights and provided aid for refugees in Greece in 2015, among other endeavours. Her personal goal is to leave this Earth happy with footprints in the sand that others can follow before they make their own new footprints.
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