Virtual Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes with Pawan

Pawan comes from a traditional Hindu family in the Himalayan region of India. Since childhood, he was brought up surrounded by spiritual practices and teachings. He studied yoga in numerous ancient Indian ashrams and with yoga masters in the Himalayas. Pawan views yoga as a science and as a practical system of self-culture, that helps its students attain control of their thoughts and feelings, ethics, moral excellence, and spiritual calmness. It is the key that unlocks the realms of peace, bliss, mystery and miracles. Through his extensive training, Pawan is qualified in Traditional Hatha Yoga, Advanced Yoga (classical yoga poses), Vinyasa Yoga, Mantra Yoga (chanting), Pranayama (breath regulation and control), Meditation (traditional Vedic and mantra meditation), Shat Karma (yogic detoxification practices).

Join Pawan in the Himalayas, for one-to-one 60-minute online classes. Each class will also include some breathing work and meditation. The classes will be traditional Hatha Yoga discipline and can be customised to suit your needs.

Price: USD 130++ per person and USD 180++ per couple
There are limited slots available, allocated on a first come, first served basis

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