Tips and Tricks for Fundraising


  1. Do it together: Raising funds is more fun and way easier if you do it with your friends, classmates or colleagues. The bigger the group of people, the less a single person has to raise in order to reach your financial goal.
  2. Be creative: There are various activities you can organise to raise funds. You can also find a few examples below.
  3. Tell the story: If people know the story of corals and why it is so important that you raise money for a coral table, there is a higher chance they will help out.
  4. Have fun: Organise something that excites you. If you are having fun, then so are the people who might make a donation. Enthusiasm is contagious!
  5. Make the connection: Link your fundraising activity to your goal. You can, for example, implement recycling into your event or make some coral-full decorations!
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Examples of Activities

  • Arrange a school fair: You can sell a variety of things to raise money. Such as items from your own home, home baked goodies, your own coral art or even an activity or performance.
  • Organise an auction: Instead of selling things at a school fair, people can also bid on items or activities that are on offer. If you are a good dancer, you can offer a dancing lesson, for example. Or make a big piece of art with the whole class. Try to be sustainable with what you offer!
  • Host a raffle: Sell tickets and organise some cool prizes. You can also host a small lottery as part of a school fair or auction.
  • Organise a themed race: Set out a course on the beach, in a forest or through the neighbourhood. Ask your friends and family to sponsor a certain amount of money for every lap you complete. This can also be done for various other sport activities such as cycling, swimming or even obstacle races.
  • Offer help with chores: Clean up your neighbourhood, help your school with some chores or help out in the canteen of your sport club.
  • Organise a great evening out: A student-concert, a karaoke night, a musical, a talent show, a quiz night, a cook off or even a coral themed movie night. You can raise funds by selling tickets and, of course, some drinks and snacks too.
  • Matched giving: Reach out to local organisations, your school, sports club or family members who can match a certain amount of money you have raised. This is a great way to boost your funds!

What do we use this USD 1,000 for?

We wish nature restoration could be completely free, but unfortunately it often comes with a price. That is why it is so important to take good care of nature in the first place. With the funding we receive for this coral restoration project, we can do a lot! We are able to look after the corals throughout the year, constantly maintain and clean all underwater tables, provide an underwater electricity network to ensure the functioning of the Mineral Accretion Technology, cultivate ‘corals of opportunity’ from neighbouring areas, take care of all administration and overhead costs, and perform scientific research to further improve coral restoration.

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