The Slowlife Diaries

The Tastemakers

Meet the Tastemakers – the individuals who together create a unique and unexpected dining experience that will take your breath away.

The Tastemakers – Chef Kiichi

Meet the chef who embodies the omotenashi philosophy Chef Kichii has a simple mission: to make people happy. As Soneva Jani’s Grand Master Chef, he cooks from the heart, following the Japanese philosophy of ‘omotenashi’, which means crafting … Read more

The Tastemakers – Chef Ravi

Meet the Tastemaker: Chef Ravi, from simple naan to fusion cuisine From humble beginnings where he only knew how to make naan, Chef Ravi left school to work in a hotel. There he used a combination of hard work, determination and charm to work … Read more

The Tastemakers – Chef Jenefer

Meet the Tastemaker: The chef who reconnects guests with Mother Earth Chef Jenefer grew up foraging in the forests that surrounded her rural home in the Philippines. From a young age she could identify which plants, vegetables and fruits were … Read more

The Tastemakers – Around the world at Soneva Jani

The chefs whose dishes tell the stories of cultures Join Chef Ansari and his team as they take you on a gastronomic journey around the world. The menus are just guides, while the real magic happens when chefs and guests meet, allowing the chefs … Read more

The Tastemakers – Sira

Sira, starting your day with a smile A familiar face for guests at Soneva Fushi, Sira has hosted the legendary breakfast at Mihiree Mithaa for over two decades. Always ready to greet you with a gleaming smile (not to mention an uncanny ability … Read more

The Tastemakers – Chef Benz

Chef Benz, cooking Thai cuisine from the heart With an innate skill for crafting the most exquisite dishes from fresh local fare, Chef Benz’s incredible culinary talents were discovered by Sonu and Eva. At her restaurant Kruua Mae Tuk … Read more

The Tastemakers – Sommeliers at Soneva

Meet the Sommeliers who marry wine with moments and emotions “Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you what you drink.” Take a voyage of wine discovery with Soneva’s Sommeliers, whose expertise spans the globe and the rich history of wine.. … Read more

The Tastemakers – The Crab Shack

From the lagoons of Sri Lanka to the Maldives, meet the man who helms The Crab Shack Priyantha is the head chef at The Crab Shack at Soneva Jani, recently voted the world’s most romantic restaurant by CNN Travel. He grew up on a diet of lagoon … Read more

The Tastemakers – Chef David

Meet the Tastemaker: Chef David, the Brit who’s blazing trails at Soneva Kiri From northern England to some of the world’s finest establishments, Chef David thrives on challenge and creativity. David knew from the very first time that he walked … Read more

The Tastemakers – Chef Sobah

Chef Sobah, championing Maldivian cuisine Maldivian born and bred, Chef Sobah is considered one of the pioneers of his islands’ rich culinary heritage. As a child, his family’s main source of income came from fishing, and he would help his … Read more