Vijaya Goyal

Soneva FushiRelaxationWellness Specialist

Vijaya Goyal

From August 5, 2022 to September 5, 2022

Hailing from India, Vijaya studied as a lawyer before she discovered her true passion and talent as a healer.  She began her career as a massage therapist in India and has since worked in various roles at spas in Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Bhutan. After working for many years as a trainer, specialist and regional spa director, Vijaya switched her focus to offer healing and alternative therapies to help her clients live happy and healthy lives.

Vijaya has continued to expand her knowledge in a variety of types of healing. She has studied yoga in India, where she also reached the master level in Reiki, and has since trained in craniosacral therapy, reconnective healing and reconnecting with the inner child, family constellations, past life regression, life between lives, breath mastery, tarot card reading and shamanic practices.

While at Soneva Fushi, Vijaya will be offering Alchemy of Touch, a holistic touch therapy; Access Bars therapy; craniosacral therapy; breathe work sessions; intuitive healing treatments; and tarot card reading at Soneva Soul.


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