Dr Ryuki Hyodo

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Dr Ryuki Hyodo

From December 15, 2023 to December 26, 2023

Dr Ryuki Hyodo is a planetary scientist at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) as an International Top Young Fellow and spends several months per year working at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP).

He specialises in planetary formation theory and planetary exploration, actively contributing to the development of next-generation planetary missions within JAXA. Previously having participated in planetary missions of the European Space Agency (ESA), NASA, and JAXA, with the contribution of optimising mission design for the most significant scientific insights and discoveries.

His research interests are focused on understanding the formation and evolution processes of various planetary systems, small celestial bodies, and rings, using computer simulations and theoretical methods. He is known for his notable work on the formation of Saturn’s rings, and his research on Phobos, one of Mars’ moons, has suggested the possibility of finding traces of past Martian life on its surface. Dr Hyodo’s research has been published in esteemed scientific journals, including Science and Nature Geoscience.


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