Dan Morely

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Dan Morely

From September 29, 2022 to November 3, 2022

Undefeated professional boxer and trainer, Dan Morley returns to Soneva Fushi to share the life-changing lessons and experiences boxing can implement in everyone.

Dan was 14 years old when he found boxing, instantly taking to the sport which helped him overcome the fears holding him back from fulfilling his potential. Eleven years have passed, and he boasts a record of over 30 fights, including an active unbeaten professional record of 8-0.

Boxing has instilled many traits in Dan that have benefited his adult life, from fitness, confidence and the determination to expand his knowledge. Dan has built a loyal client base, from athletes, adults and school children through intense passion in fitness and boxing. He specializes in a variation of workout routing from boxing, HITT, strength and conditioning and has a keen interest in body recovery.


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