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Weingut Wittmann

October 11, 2020 | Soneva Fushi & Jani

Since 1663, the Wittmanns' and their ancestors have been wine farmers in the town of Westhofen, in the southern part of the Rheinhessen, Germany.

Today Philipp Wittmann, his wife Eva and Philipp’s parents divide the tasks running the estate. Riesling is the dominant grape of choice but also Pinot varietals such as Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Silvaner have a long tradition in Westhofen. For more than twenty years their vineyards have been organically cultivated. The vines are root deep in the living system of the soil which strengthen the expression of the vineyard's character and in their wines.

Intensive hand craftsmanship in the tending of the vineyards serves the goal of achieving the highest possible grape quality. The slow fermentation and maturation in the constantly cool cellar conserves the natural aromas. Thus, the Wittmann wines come to have their own expression which are at once unmistakable and new each and every year.

The wine list

Weingut Wittmann Riesling "Westhofener"  2018
Weingut Wittmann  Riesling  "Aulerde"  2018
Weingut Wittmann  Riesling Wittmann " Kirchspiel"   2018
Weingut Wittmann  Spätburgunder 2017
Weingut Wittmann  Riesling "Morstein" 2018

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