Celebrity Fitness Instructor

Monique Eastwood

Mar. 1-8, 2021 | Soneva Fushi & Jani

As a highly trained professional dancer, Stott Pilates trainer and Celebrity fitness coach with 25 years in the fitness industry, Monique Eastwood has developed a powerful training programme that achieves a strong, lean and cardio fit body.  

She creates individual Training and Lifestyle programmes for clients, with a specific focus on alignment and correct technique, using a combination of exercise moves from my Dance, Pilates and Fitness background. To each session, Monique brings discipline, energy and motivation so that together, with hard work, dedication and understanding of her EASTWOOD MOVEMENT METHOD, you will achieve great results. She has worked with some incredibly talented professionals in her career; from Hollywood A-listers, models, top athletes and many more high profile clients in business and media.