Artist - Sensorial Mémoire Project

Jonathan Bey

Nov. 22, 2020 - Feb. 20, 2021 | Soneva Fushi

Jonathan Bey, from the South of France, is Soneva Fushi’s Artistic Storyteller. He is an interdisciplinary self-taught artist, who has collaborated with jewellery makers, architectural firms, and fashion and perfume houses in Europe and Latin America. Jonathan’s artistic process is deeply influenced by his surroundings; his oeuvre includes drawing, sculpture, fashion design, installation, video post-production.

Designed at Soneva Fushi, Jonathan’s Sensorial Mémoire Project blends the essence of momentum and imagery to create a conceptual extract of your experience. He uses his senses to craft a drawing, delicately wrapped in organic cotton and protected by a bamboo cylinder sculpted by the artist, and sealed with a recycled glass cover made at the Art and Glass Studio.

If you are interested in a piece, you will spend some time with Jonathan, collecting words, thoughts, dreams, and imagining what will be encoded in the artwork. Following a photographic session that will help support expressions and dynamics during the illustration process, he will retreat to reflect on the composition. Later he will present you with some maquettes for selection, and deliver the completed piece three to seven days later.