Artist - Sensorial Mémoire Project

Jonathan Bey

Mar. 5 - Apr. 17, 2021 | Soneva Fushi

Jonathan Bey, from the South of France, is Soneva Fushi’s Artistic Storyteller. He is an interdisciplinary self-taught artist, who has collaborated with jewellery makers, architectural firms, and fashion and perfume houses in Europe and Latin America. His oeuvre includes drawing, sculpture, fashion design, installation, video post-production.

Designed on the island of Kufunadhoo, Jonathan’s Sensorial Mémoire Project blends the essence of momentum and imagery to create a conceptual extract of a guest's experience. He uses his senses to craft a drawing, which is presented enveloped in organic cotton and protected by a sculpted bamboo cylinder which is sealed with an up-cycled glass lid made at the Art & Glass Studio.

He also conducts Art Sessions with guests, a creative practice which increases self-confidence, self-awareness, enhances communication skills, and improves cognition. These sessions help create a space of intention and attention, honouring the experience of observation and receptivity. To cultivate our awareness, our sensibility, and to invent.