Hosted by Fabrice Dubosc, Head Wine Maker

Château Montus

December 6, 2020 | Soneva Fushi & Jani

From the insights of the amazing reputation of this terroir in the 18th century, Alan Brumont started Château Montus in 1980. This unique terroir showcases the last traces of the origins of the Pyrenees which can be dated back to more than 40 million years. 

Today, this iconic mountain range deposits large black pebbles in the rivers of the region. The step south-facing slopes that receive ample sunshine are covered with these large pebble and fertile yellow and red clay subsoil, making this terroir immaculate for the wines.  

Château Montus has years of experience in producing a range of wines that shine.  

The wine list

Château Montus Sec white 2013
Château  Montus La Tyre 2006
Château  Montus Prestige 1999
Château  Montus XL 1996
Château  Montus Vintage 2011 50 cl Vin de liqueur

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