Hosted by Alvaro Perez, Enologist

Abadía Retuerta

Apr. 2, 2021 | Soneva Fushi & Soneva Jani

Produced from the selection of the best grapes of our payments, among our proposal you will find a decided bet for the terroir wines. Abadía Retuerta is a winery with a philosophy of work that lies in the vinification of payments and the movement of wine exclusively by gravity (an initiative that combines respect for traditional practices of making our product, reducing the environmental impact of the winery).

The wine list

Abadia Retuerta Le DOMAINE White 2019
Abadia Retuerta PAGO NEGRALADA 2010
Abadia Retuerta PAGO VALDEBELLÓN 2010
Abadia Retuerta CUVÉE PALOMAR 2001
Abadia Retuerta CUVÉE PALOMAR 1996

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Tasting package of: 1 x Bottle of each Champagne:  $650  (5 bottles)

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