A Family Resort in Thailand

When we envisioned Soneva Kiri, we knew wanted to do something special for the children. Something incredibly special, and so we created the Den and the Eco Den.

The Den

The Den is our pride and joy. When we envisioned Soneva Kiri, we knew wanted to do something special for children. Incredibly special. If we wanted to rekindle a childlike wonder in adults, then we had to go profusely over the edge in our children’s offering. A giant moulded bamboo playground shaped like a manta ray, The Den is dedicated to learning, to excitement, to meaningful experiences. Professional child minders pique your children’s imaginations, teaching them to play Thai instruments, unleashing their creative talents with painting and the visual arts, and carefully watching them at play in the wonderous world of moulded bamboo spaces up, down and around.

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The Eco Den

We also offer a special programme aimed specifically at one to five year-olds in our Eco Den, making Soneva Kiri the only resort that offers such comprehensive, age-specific facilities. Here the children get to play with toys and take part in activities, that meet Soneva’s stringent standards of social and environmental responsibility. All children are looked after by qualified childcare experts, supported by local child carers.

Excursions for the little ones

In addition to the Den and the Eco Den, we also offer child-friendly excursions and cultural exchanges to immerse our youngest Soneva guests in the destination. Rainforest walks and local school visits leave lasting impressions. And activities to be shared as a family abound, from dinners amidst the wilds to stolen chocolates from the free and endless supply in the chocolate room.

So Guilty

No vacation is ever complete without indulging in some delicious ice cream. At Soneva, all our resorts offer a complimentary ice cream parlour open from morning to night. With up to 65 flavours to choose from, you won’t be able to resist visiting again and again to try all the flavours. From classics to the unexpected sorbets and ice creams, perhaps you will discover a new favourite at Soneva.

Chocolate Room

Every child dreams of a Willy Wonka-style fantasy: never-ending chocolates, more flavours than you can ever try. Sample complimentary cardamom chocolate truffles, passion fruit pralines, and a continually changing profusion of confections. Soneva chocolate rooms bring the inner child out in you.

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