Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who we are; what we believe in
    • 1. Who owns Soneva Fushi?

      Soneva Fushi is privately owned by Sonu and Eva Shivdasani, who opened the resort back in 1995. Today, Soneva is one of the few luxury brands that are still family owned and operated.

    • 2. What is SLOWLIFE about?

      SLOWLIFE explains our outlook at Soneva. We take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously and are committed to developing our resorts in the most sustainable way possible. Among our many initiatives, this includes using sustainable materials, recycling our waste, eliminating plastics, conserving water and preserving and protecting the local ecosystem.

    • 3. What is the ‘no news, no shoes’ policy?

      From the moment you arrive at Soneva Fushi, we encourage you to slip your shoes into a bag for safekeeping. We believe that a sense of connection with nature and the world around you is only complete when you feel the sand between your toes. We hope to give you a wonderful excuse to unwind and relax without feeling the need to check up on what’s happening in the outside world. You only need to put your shoes back on when you are ready to leave our island.

  • Things to know before you arrive
    • 1. Where is Soneva Fushi located?

      Soneva Fushi is located on the private, tropical island of Kunfunadhoo in the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives. At 1,400 metres long and 400 metres wide, it is one of the Maldives’ largest island resorts. With crystal clear waters, pristine white sandy beaches and lush green forest, the island is a luxurious hideaway.

    • 2. What is Soneva Fushi time?

      At Soneva Fushi, we set our clocks forward by one hour ahead of Malé time so that our guests can enjoy more of daylight hours. Malé time is UTC + 5. During Ramadan, the clocks at Soneva Fushi shift back to Malé time.

    • 3. What is the weather like in the Maldives?

      The Maldives’ tropical climate is influenced by monsoons – the average temperature is a balmy 30°C (86°F), while sea temperatures are around 22 to 28°C (72 to 82°F). The coolest days are a pleasant 25°C (77°F). During the dry season from November until April, expect clear blue skies, light sea breezes and tropical sunshine. The wettest time of the year is during the monsoon season from May to October, when the weather can be more mixed, with sunshine, showers and occasional storms.

    • 4. When is the best time to visit?

      With its tropical climate, sunshine-filled days and temperatures averaging 30°C all year round, the Maldives is an all-season destination. Diving is good at any time of the year, however the monsoon season (May to October) is the best season for manta rays and other marine life due to the higher quantities of plankton.

    • 5. Will I need any vaccinations?

      Vaccinations are only required for visitors travelling to the Maldives from a region where yellow fever and cholera are endemic. For all other guests, no vaccinations are needed.

    • 6. Is there a Doctor on site?

      We have a resort nurse at Soneva Fushi who is available 24/7. The nearest medical clinic is on the neighbouring island of Eydhafushi, which is less than 10 minutes away by speedboat. For conditions requiring further medical attention, there is a hospital in Malé.

    • 7. How much taxes and service charge I pay at Soneva Fushi?

      Tax on villas at Soneva Fushi stands at 25.44%, which includes a Service Charge of 10% on your room rate, Carbon Offset Tax at 2% of your room rate, and a Goods and Services Tax at 12% on the rate. There is an additional USD 6 per person per night Green Tax for food and beverages, transfers and other resort facilities, such as the spa.

  • Arriving and Departing from Soneva Fushi
    • 1. What airport should I fly to?

      Guests should fly into Velana International Airport in Malé, the capital of the Maldives.

    • 2. What happens when I arrive at the airport?

      Upon exiting the doors after luggage collection, you will be met by Soneva’s Airport Representative holding a sign with “Soneva”. They will escort you to either the lounge or the seaplane/domestic terminal for departure.

    • 3. How do I get to Soneva Fushi from Malé?

      There are two ways to reach Soneva Fushi from Malé – you can either take a 30--minute seaplane from Malé International Airport direct to Soneva Fushi, or take a domestic flight from Malé International Airport to Dharavandhoo Airport, followed by a 12-minute speedboat ride to Soneva Fushi.

      Both flights take approximately 30 to 40 minutes, however the prices are different. The seaplane only operates during the day, with the last flight leaving at 17H00. The last domestic flight to Dharavandhoo Airport is at 23H15.

      We recommend that our guests arrive by seaplane if possible. For prices, please check with our Reservations team. Flights can also be booked via the booking engine on our website.

      If you prefer to take a seaplane, there are two choices available: either the Soneva seaplane or the Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) seaplane. The Soneva seaplane is private and more comfortable, while the TMA seaplane carries slightly more passengers and may stop en-route at other destinations before arriving at Soneva Fushi. The Soneva seaplane is operated by the TMA Authority so we are bound by their timings and regulations.

    • 4. How to I arrange transfers to Soneva Fushi?

      Transfers are arranged by our Reservations team. The schedules for the Soneva seaplanes is set by Trans Maldivian Airlines (TMA), with exact flight times confirmed by TMA one day prior to departure.For assistance, please speak to our Reservations team.

    • 5. Why does the seaplane only fly during the day?

      As seaplanes land on and take off from water, they will only fly from sunrise to sunset. Also, the Maldives’ incredible beauty, with islands dotted among crystal clear blue waters, is an incredible sight from the air.
      For guests arriving into the Maldives, if you would like to reach Soneva Fushi by seaplane on the same day, please plan to arrive at Malé by 15H30 local time. If you are unable to arrive by that time, you can spend the night in Malé or take an internal flight to the nearby Dharavandhoo Airport and arrive at the resort by speedboat.

      For guests departing from Soneva Fushi, seaplane flights can be arranged for international flights scheduled for a departure time after 09H00 until approximately 16H30.

      At what altitude does your seaplane fly?
      Our seaplane flies at an altitude between 2,100 to 6,500 feet. This varies with different payloads and the number of people on each flight.

    • 6. What happens if I arrive in Malé very late at night?

      The last domestic flight from Malé to Dharavandhoo Airport is at 23H15. If you arrive too late to make this connection, you can arrange an overnight stay at either the Hulhule Island Hotel at the airport or Hotel Jen Malé. The first seaplane of the following day will depart for Soneva Fushi at 09H00. Our airport representative will meet you upon your arrival and assist you with any transfers.

    • 7. What is the price of private seaplane charters from Malé to Soneva Fushi?

      We offer a private seaplane charter. The cost of a private charter on Soneva Seaplane (9 seats) is USD 9,000 per one way trip, which includes a CIP service for passengers. Trans Maldivian Airlines (TMA) also offers a VIP private charter at USD 8,000 per one way trip (for 8 or 10 seats depending on the plane selected). This does not include CIP services. TMA also offers a regular 14 seat charter, including CIP services at USD 6,500 per one way trip. All prices include taxes.

    • 8. What is the baggage allowance on the seaplane?

      The standard weight is 25 kg per person, including hand luggage. If you have more luggage, please let our Reservations team know in advance.

    • 9. Do infants require their own seat?

      Transfers for infants below the age of two are free of charge. Due to legal safety requirements, there is no separate seat allocation for infants below the age of two on the seaplane. Please note, there is no baggage allowance for infants on the seaplane.

    • 10. Can I arrange a speedboat transfer direct from Malé to Soneva Fushi?

      We advise against speedboat transfers from Malé – the journey takes approximately 2.5 hours by sea, which can be a rough journey. We recommend transfers by seaplane to make the most of the incredible daytime aerial view of the Maldives. Alternatively, you can take a commercial flight to the nearby Dharavandhoo Airport, followed by a short speedboat transfer to the resort.

    • 11. What are the speedboat transfer fees from other resorts?

      Speedboat transfers can be arranged from the following resorts at an additional cost, plus 23.2% tax.

      Baa Atoll, Royal Island Resort (3.2 NM, 7 mins) US$ 175
      Baa Atoll, Dusit Thani (6.2 NM, 15 mins) US$ 225
      Baa Atoll, Reethi Beach (10 NM, 25 mins) US$ 325
      Baa Atoll, Four Seasons Landaa Giraavaru (11.4 NM, 30 mins) US$ 350
      Baa Atoll, Anantara Kihaavah Villas (11 NM, 30 mins) US$ 375
      Kaafu Atoll, One&Only Reethi Rah (39.5 NM, 1 hr 30 mins) US$ 1,100
      Kaafu Atoll, Malé (62 NM, 2 hrs) US$ 1,600
      Noonu Atoll, Cheval Blanc Randheli (38.9 NM, 1 hr 20 mins) US$ 1,100

      For other resorts, guests will need to return to Malé International Airport and arrange seaplane transfers directly from there.

      The prices listed are for indication only and are liable to change. Please check with our Reservations team before you book.

    • 12. Are there CIP services at Malé International Airport?

      Yes, Commercial Important Person (CIP) services are available for those looking for the ultimate in luxury service as they travel. The Maamahi Executive Lounge is available for CIP guests on both arrival and departure from the Maldives. It offers a number of services, including: receiving CIPs at the steps or gate when they disembark from the aircraft; escorting guests to or from the CIP lounge and aircraft (in the CIP vehicle, if the aircraft is parked far from the terminal); handling passports for immigration clearance; handling luggage and processing check-ins; collecting luggage from the belt; and escorting guests to their onward choice of transport. Additionally, the airport offers a first aid service (with any costs incurred being the responsibility of the passenger), and emergency services (including wheelchairs, ambulance and stretchers).

      Access to the Maamahi Executive Lounge is priced at USD 280 per person, and is complimentary for guests staying in villas priced at USD 2,000 per night and above. Please note that due to limited space, access to the lounge may be restricted by the airport team in peak seasons. We will do our best to ensure availability, however this can not always be guaranteed.

    • 13. Can I leave luggage in the Soneva Lounge?

      There are no storage facilities at the Soneva lounge, however there are secure locker facilities at the International Airport. Lockers can be rented on a daily basis, and cost less than USD 10 per day. This can be arranged upon arrival at the airport. Please ask Soneva’s airport representative for assistance.

    • 14. Can I land my private jet at the local airport?

      Yes, but you will need prior authorisation before entering the Maldives, which can be arranged through a jet handler in Malé. The length of the runway at our local airport on Dharavandoo island is 1,200 metres, which is long enough to accommodate most medium-sized jets.

    • 15. What happens on departure from Soneva Fushi?

      The exact timing for your departure will be communicated to you by your Barefoot Butler on the evening of departure. Your luggage will be collected and you will be presented with your final bill for signing approximately one hour before you depart. Our transfer team will ensures that all guests reach Malé
      International Airport on time for their connecting flights.

  • What should I bring with me?
    • 1. What should I pack?

      At Soneva, we believe in travelling light. Don’t get weighed down with non-essentials by following our useful packing guide:

      1. Leave your heels at home – our ‘no news, no shoes’ policy not only lets you feel the sand between your toes, but also means your suitcases will be considerably lighter.
      2. Keep it casual. Take your cue from our laid-back vibe and dress accordingly.
      3. Don’t bother with heavy clothes – our enviable climate is temperate all year round, so the most you’ll need is a light wrap or shawl. And if it does rain, simply borrow one of our rain coats or umbrellas.
      4. There’s no need to bring bottles of mosquito repellent with your toiletries – we have both mosquito coils and lotion in all of our villas.
      5. Want to while away an hour or two with a great book? Visit our well-stocked library from The Ultimate Library and choose your favourite tome. Most of our villas also feature their own bookshelves, too.
      6. Our goal is to completely eliminate the use of plastic at our properties. Please don’t bring any plastics with you (such as water bottles) – we provide our own filtered water in eco-friendly reusable glass bottles. If you must bring plastic, we politely request that you also take it home with you.
      7. Please also avoid having your luggage wrapped in cellophane at your departure airport. Single-use plastics such as luggage wrap have a devastating effect on the natural environment, and we are currently campaigning to end their use in the Maldives.
      8. We have professional photographers and videographers at all our resorts to help you capture that perfect moment, so you can leave heavy camera equipment at home. Please contact us at [email protected] for further details and prices.
      9. For families with infants and small children, we will arrange all the essential equipment you need, such as cots and high chairs. Please refer to our pre-arrival form for more details, or contact us at [email protected]
      10. If you’re travelling with children, don’t pack all of their toys and gadgets – younger guests will love The Den, our dedicated zone for kids of all ages, which includes a Lego room, dressing up room, cinema, music room, arts and crafts space and even a kitchen for kid-friendly cooking classes.
      11. Need a charge? We provide adaptors in all of our villas and our electricity sockets are multi-standard to fit a wide range of plugs and chargers.
      12. If you need to stay connected to the outside world, we offer complimentary WIFI at the resort. Should you wish to truly disconnect you can turn the WIFI off in your villa.
      13. To chill out to your favourite soundtrack, simply connect to the Bluetooth Bose speaker system in your villa. Each villa also includes a television and DVD player.
      14. Planning to stay active during your visit? We have everything you need, from yoga mats in every villa, personal bicycles and tricycles for guests of all ages, and complimentary use of non-motorised watersports equipment, including paddle boards, canoes, catamarans and windsurfs. We also have an on-site gym.
      15. Tell us your favourite vintage, and we’ll stock up your walk-in mini bar or cellar before you arrive.
      16. Forgotten something? Our on-site boutique has all the essentials, from natural suncreams to the latest beachwear.
    • 2. Can I bring a surfboard with me?

      Yes, you can. However, your board may not travel on the seaplane or domestic flight transfer, depending on the weight of the luggage. We have a wide range of eco-friendly, complimentary surf boards and other water sports equipment that are available for you to borrow, so we encourage our guests to leave their surfing equipment at home.

    • 3. Can we bring/use our own drone?

      Maintaining our guests’ privacy is our top priority, so we strongly advise our guests against bringing or using their own drones. Drone use is completely banned acrossIn many areas of the resort (such as above guest villas). If you would like to record drone footage, we recommend that you use our Digital Storyteller service. For guests who insist on bringing their own drone, there are specific times and areas when drone use is permitted, which are approved by our General Manager. If a guest still insists on the use of their own drone, there are certain areas and times at which this is permitted and approved by the General Manager. Please check timings with your Barefoot Butler.

      Is there pre- and post-natal yoga available at Soneva Fushi?

      Yes, we do. Please contact Reservations at [email protected] or your Mr./Ms. Friday to arrange this.

  • Accommodation and Services at Soneva Fushi
    • 1. Which side of Soneva Fushi island is the best side to stay on?

      Our villas at Soneva Fushi are located on the sunset or sunrise side of the island. While both sides have the Maldives' signature white-sand beaches and crystal-clear, azure waters, there are a few differences.
      Sunset side: For snorkellers
      This side has three house reef access points and dolphins are more likely to be spotted in the channel. On this side of the island it is possible to see our neighbouring island, Eydhafushi, which is approximately 650 metres away. Guests who want more privacy may consider staying on the sunrise side of the island.
      Sunrise side: For privacy
      Enjoy virtually unimpeded views out to sea, as Maalhos, the closest neighbouring island on this side, is just a speck on the horizon. This side is perfect for early risers who want to enjoy the morning tranquility.

    • 2. Who are Barefoot Butlers?

      As soon you touch down at Soneva Fushi, your Barefoot Butler will be at your beck and call. Our personalised butler service is your single point of contact throughout your stay – as your loyal personal assistant, they will help ensure every last detail of your visit meets your needs.

    • 3. What complimentary services can I expect during my stay?

      All of our villas feature a Barefoot Butler, who will be on hand to anticipate and respond to every request during your stay. When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed with fresh fruit in your villa, and during your stay you can help yourself to bespoke chocolate from the So Guilty chocolate room, creative ice creams and refreshing sorbets from the So Cool ice cream parlour, and gourmet cheese and cold cuts from the So Delicate delicatessen.

      All of our guests are invited to use our fully-equipped gym and tennis courts, and all of our villas have bicycles and tricycles for your personal use during your stay – a great way to explore the resort! All non-motorised water sports, such as kayaking, Hobie Cats and stand up paddle-boarding, are offered free of charge to our guests, except for kite surfing which is chargeable.

      While we encourage our guests to take a well-deserved break from the outside world, all of our villas and designated public areas feature complimentary WiFi if you need to stay connected.

      And for our younger guests, we offer unlimited, complimentary use of The Den and its programme of activities – our dedicated kids’ zone, which includes its own cinema, library, music rooms and fun activities galore, as well as a separate area for teens.

      For the full list of complimentary inclusions, click here.

  • Experiences at the Resort
    • 1. What can I do at Soneva Fushi?

      Where do we begin? Whether you want to learn a new skill or discover more about the world around you, relax your mind and indulge your senses, or explore the beauty of the Maldives, there’s truly something for everyone.Enjoy life on or in the water with a range of watersports. Non-motorised watersports, such as paddle-boarding or kayaking, are complimentary for our guests; or you can also try your hand at sustainable fishing, diving and freediving, or join a sunset dolphin cruise.

      Catch a classic film at Cinema Paradiso, gaze at the star-filled night sky at The Observatory or roll up your sleeves and try a glass-blowing class using recycled bottles to create your own masterpiece.
      Embrace castaway life with a desert island picnic, or camp overnight on your very own secluded sandbank, complete with candlelit dinner. And if you want to simply relax and rejuvenate, visit the Six Senses Spa, which has a vast menu of holistic treatments and internationally-renowned visiting practitioners. View the Spa Menu here.

      For the full list of experiences, click here.

    • 2. What is Soneva Stars programme?

      Our Soneva Stars programme celebrates the wonderfully diverse array of guest activities that we have on offer this year; from Michelin-starred chefs and world-renowned astronomers, to sporting legends, celebrated authors, expert wellness practitioners and so much more. Each month has a thrilling programme of special events, collaborations and activities. There has never been a better time to visit Soneva Fushi! Find out more about Soneva Stars here.

    • 3. What days can I see a movie at Cinema Paradiso and how much does it cost?

      Cinema Paradiso is a complimentary experience for all guests, with public screenings on Tuesdays and Fridays. Cinema Paradiso is also available for private screenings, which can be booked through your Barefoot Butler.

    • 4. What water activities are available at Soneva Fushi?

      Whether you’re experienced in the open water, or a complete novice who wants to try something new, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the variety of fun and exciting water sports available at Soneva Fushi. All non-motorised water sports, including Hobie Cats, kayaks and stand up paddle-boarding are complementary for our guests, or have a go at waterskiing and wakeboarding if you’re looking for an adrenaline boost.
      With clear waters and fantastic visibility, try snorkelling the house reef which is teeming with tropical marine life, or book a snorkelling excursion to the incredible, unspoiled reefs within the Baa Atoll’s UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The dolphin cruise is one of Soneva Fushi’s best-loved experiences, and a unique opportunity to see these intelligent mammals as they swim and play in their natural habitat.
      Soneva welcomes divers of all levels of experience – take a Scuba diving course with our expert instructors from Soleni, or learn the art of free-diving and explore the depths on just one breath.
      For a true desert island experience, enjoy a picnic or overnight stay on the sandbank, or view the perfect sunrise and sunset with your own private cruise. Discover more about island life and the sub-aquatic natural habitat with excursions to local, uninhabited islands and fascinating tutorials from our in-house marine biologist, or enjoy our sustainable fishing trips.

    • 5. When is the best season to see dolphins and manta rays?

      Dolphins can be spotted all year round. A great place to see them is from Out of the Blue, where they are often seen swimming in the channel. The best season to see manta rays is between May to October.

    • 6. What dive sites are near Soneva Fushi?

      Soneva Fushi is close to more than 30 incredible dive sites which are rich in marine life. Our Soleni Dive Centre has multi-lingual PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) instructors, while our small dive groups ensure that you have the best and safest possible experience, no matter what your level.
      The dive centre also offers free-diving courses, which range from introductory half-days to 1-3 star AIDA (Association Internationale pour le Development de l’Apnée) qualifications.

    • 7. Where can I snorkel at Soneva Fushi?

      Our unspoiled house reef is just metres from the shore and is teeming with aquatic life. Alternatively, take an underwater trip with our resident marine biologist to Hanifaru Bay, home to hundreds of majestic manta rays between June and November. Hanifaru bay is just a short 15 to 20-minute speedboat ride away.

    • 8. Is there an age limit for snorkelling?

      We do not have an age limit for snorkelling. However, guests of all ages must be comfortable in the water.

    • 9. What is the Bubblemaker children’s programme?

      The Bubblemaker programme offers children aged 8 and above the chance to learn how to use Scuba gear, breathe underwater and swim with Scuba equipment in shallow water. It is priced at USD 90 per dive.

    • 10. Is there anything dangerous in the water near Soneva Fushi?

      Thankfully we have more underwater creatures that are friendly rather than dangerous. On occasion there are Titan Triggerfish which can be aggressive when nesting on the reef. We provide guidance to snorkellers and divers on how to identify these fish and how to prevent injury.

    • 11. Do you offer photography or videography services?

      So that you’re free to live in the moment, our in-house photographers and filmmakers (we call them Digital Storytellers) who are on hand to capture your Soneva experiences. From picnic excursions to family portraits, from anniversaries and weddings to documenting your glass-blowing class - our Digital Storytellers can accompany you however you wish, capturing whatever memories you choose. They also offer drone photography and videography.

      If you wish to book one of our Digital Storytellers, Please coordinate with your Barefoot Butler to book a time slots , or contact our Reservations team.

      From picnic excursions to family portraits, from anniversaries and weddings, to documenting your glassblowing class - the Digital Storytellers can accompany you however you wish, capturing whatever memories you choose. They also offer drone photography and videography.

    • 12. What equipment is available in the gym and what brand is it?

      Kinesis Personal Vision by Technogym
      Cable Station by Technogym
      Lat Machine by Technogym
      Rowing Machine by Concept2
      Two treadmills by Life Fitness
      Elliptical by Life Fitness
      A bicycle machine by Life Fitness
      A power rack with bench by Technogym
      Adjustable bench by Technogym
      Dumbells of different weights by Technogym
      Kettlebells of different weights by Technogym
      Wellness tools of different types

    • 13. Do you provide cycling helmets?

      Cycling helmets can be arranged on request.

    • 14. Is there pre- and post-natal yoga available at Soneva Fushi?

      Yes, we do. Please contact Reservations at [email protected] or your Barefoot Butler to arrange this.

  • For Families
    • 1. Is Soneva Fushi family-friendly?

      Yes, absolutely! The island takes guests young and old on an island castaway adventure, with winding paths through the leafy jungle, wildlife galore (from adorable bunnies to friendly lizards), pristine beaches with warm, shallow waters, and so much to explore.

      Children will love The Den, a dedicated kids’ zone with an action-packed calendar of events, and special rooms for music, dressing up, cooking and more, not to mention two family friendly swimming pools and a pirate-themed playground.

      Satisfy the sweetest of teeth in the complimentary So Cool ice cream parlour and So Guilty chocolate room, or watch a movie from the comfort of your beanbag at Cinema Paradiso. You’ll be spoiled for choice with activities, too – from stargazing with our astronomer and searching the seas with our resident marine biologist, to family beach picnics with a personal chef and sunset cruises for spotting playful dolphins.

    • 2. What is The Den, and what can children and families do there?

      Perfect for children aged 4 to 12, The Den is a playground for the imagination! Complimentary for guests, The Den is Asia’s largest children’s club and play area. It features a whole host of fun features that kids will adore, from a music room filled with instruments, library with books for all ages, a cinema room, dress-up room, Lego room, mocktail bar and learning area. There are also two swimming pools – one for older children and one for toddlers, as well as a pirate ship outdoor playground, lounge for teens, and a chill-out area for children and their families to enjoy a selection of toys and board games.

      Young guests visiting The Den are carefully looked after by our specialist child minders, ensuring that parents can enjoy some downtime if they wish. Families are also very welcome to come and enjoy all the many facilities at The Den, such as the Family Dolphin Cruise, cooking classes or kayaking.

      Every week, there is a fun-packed schedule of activities, with something for everyone! Speak to your Barefoot Butler to find out more about what is happening during your stay.

    • 3. What is the Bubblemaker children’s programme?

      The Bubblemaker programme offers children aged 8 and above the chance to learn how to use Scuba gear, breathe underwater and swim with Scuba equipment in shallow water. It is priced at USD 90 per dive.

    • 4. Do you offer private babysitting services?

      Yes, we do. Babysitting can be arranged in advance and is priced at US$31 per hour, including taxes.

    • 5. Can my child learn how to ride a bike and swim while staying at Soneva Fushi?

      Yes. Swimming lessons can be arranged at an extra cost. We offer complimentary bicycles and trikes in all of our villas – the paths across the island are firm yet sandy, making them a great environment for cyclists who are learning how to ride.

    • 6. Do you provide cycling helmets?

      Cycling helmets can be arranged on request.

  • Dining at Soneva Fushi
    • 1. Where can I eat at Soneva Fushi?

      A delectable array of dining experiences awaits at Soneva Fushi. Mihiree Mithaa is open every day, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a delicious selection of international, Asian and Mediterranean fare.

      Choose Out of the Blue, our overwater dining destination, for Asian and international cuisine, which includes the So Hot robata grill, josper grill and pizza area. For a truly one-of-a-kind experience, put yourself in the capable hands of some of the world’s finest culinary talents at Once Upon a Table – with just eight seats and no menu, the chef’s incredible skills take centre stage. For sushi worthy of a Michelin star, head to So Hands On – our sushi counter. Marvel at the showmanship of the teppanyaki grill at So Bespoke, which also boasts views of the Baa Atoll and beyond.

      With South Asian and international dishes made for sharing, Down at Earth by Ravi is a convivial affair, while Shades of Green fuses Nordic cooking techniques with exquisite plant-based menus that take their inspiration from Maldivian and South-east Asia cuisine.

      All of our guests are invited to visit the complimentary So Delicate delicatessen, with its extensive selection of gourmet cold cuts, cheeses and preserves, and the indulgent So Guilty, with a decadent spread of chocolates, truffles and pralines. Don’t forget So Cool, with its impressive array of ice creams and sorbets. You can also take advantage of our In-Villa Dining service at any time of the day, or speak to your Barefoot Butler to arrange a bespoke destination dining experience with one of our chefs.

      For the full list of complimentary inclusions, click here.

    • 2. Do you cater to plant-based, vegans, vegetarians, celiacs or people with special dietary requirements?

      Yes, absolutely. We have a wide range of menus to suit every dining requirement and our chefs can customise every meal according to your preferences. We offer vegetarian and vegan menu items in all of our restaurants at Soneva Fushi. As the Maldives is a Muslim country, halal meals are readily available. We are also the only resort in the Maldives to have a kosher kitchen.

    • 3. What is Out of the Blue?

      This two-storey overwater dining destination near Cinema Paradiso, and is home to a bar and unique selection of restaurants. The ultra-exclusive Once Upon a Table, our unique take on a chef’s table, hosts guest residencies from some of the world’s most celebrated culinary talent. So Hands On, our sushi counter sees someone of the world's best sushi masters behind its sake-polished Japanese pine, known as 'hinoki', counter top. The intimate five-seater sushi counter lets you experience the chef's dextrous skills up close. Enjoy al fresco teppanyaki at So Bespoke, or dine all day on the finest flavours from across Asia at Out of the Blue by Sobah.



    • 4. Which restaurants are included in the Half and Full Board meal plans?

      Half Board (breakfast and dinner) or Full Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) meals are fully-inclusive at Mihiree Mithaa for breakfast and lunch, and at Down to Earth for dinner. If you choose to dine at any of our other outlets, you will be credited with USD 100 per person for lunch, and USD 175 for dinner. Anything outside of this credit limit will be charged as a supplement as per the published rates. If you decide to upgrade to the Full Board package, you will be entitled to a complimentary dinner with a visiting chef at Once Upon a Table (should there be a visiting chef on site at the time).

    • 5. Do I need to book ahead for Soneva Fushi’s restaurants?

      Tables at our restaurants (excluding Mihiree Mithaa and Down to Earth for our Half and Full Board guests) are based on availability. You can book in advance via Reservations, or you can speak to your Barefoot Butler if you want to book a specific restaurant during your stay. Usually it is not required to book in advance, except during peak periods.

    • 6. Are there additional charges for In-Villa Dining?

      For Half and Full Board guests, there is no additional charge for In-Villa Dining, which includes one appetiser, one main course, and one dessert per guest. In-Villa Dining can also be ordered à la carte for guests not on a meal plan.

    • 7. Can we prepare our own food in the villa kitchens?

      This can be arranged on request. Please note that not all villas have kitchens so this should be confirmed with our Reservations Team in advance.

    • 8. Do I need to be a guest to dine at Soneva Fushi?

      No, guests staying at other islands can dine at Soneva Fushi, however reservations must be made in advance by contacting our Reservations team at [email protected]. Transfers to and from Soneva Fushi can be arranged privately or through Soneva Fushi by prior arrangement. The only exception is for the sandbank, where we only allow resort guests to dine.

    • 9. Are any beverages included in the Half or Full Board meal plans?

      No; all beverages, including juice, water and aerated drinks are charged separately.

    • 10. Do you have an all-inclusive supplement?

      Yes we do. The all-inclusive supplement is priced at USD 400 per adult per night (Age age 15 and above) / and USD 200 per child per night (age 7 to 14). It includes the following:

      • Daily full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at resort restaurants and In Villa Dining
      • House brand alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages all day at all outlets and for In Villa Dining
      • In Villa Mini Bar, replenished once per day
      • Laundry service
      • Selected joint excursion/activities

      All rates are in USD per person per night, inclusive of taxes and service charge. The supplement is charged in addition to nightly villa rates and is not applicable for any bonus night offers. An upgrade from a half board package to all-inclusive is charged at an additional USD 225 per person per night.