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Joe Wicks

From December 13, 2023 to December 23, 2023

Joe Wicks is on a mission to make the world fitter, healthier and happier. The man behind the global fitness brand The Body Coach, his YouTube channel ‘The Body Coach TV’ delivers home workouts for all ages and fitness levels.

Inspired by the sense of fulfilment he got from helping his clients get fitter and healthier, Joe started using social media to share nutritious recipes and motivation, which he hoped would make a positive difference in people’s lives. His 15-second videos of meals that take 15 minutes to make quickly attracted a large following and inspired Joe’s first book – Lean in 15. Full of 15-minute recipes and workouts, the book was published in 2015 and has sold over one million copies. It was the UK’s best-selling non-fiction title that year and is the second best-selling cookbook of all time.

His ‘PE With Joe’ workout series during the Covid-19 lockdown received over 80 million views and raised more than £580,000 for NHS Charities Together. In 2020, Joe broke the Guinness World Record for the highest number of viewers for a live-streamed workout on YouTube – with over 955,000 viewers taking part.



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