Almudena ‘Alma’ Romera

Soneva JaniRelaxationWellness Specialist

Almudena ‘Alma’ Romera

From August 1, 2021 to September 6, 2021

Energy Work | Emotional Balance | Soul Transformation

Originally from Spain, Alma has dedicated more than half of her life to supporting the growth and healing of the people around her ­– in body, in soul and in connection to the environment in which we live.

Over a decade ago, Alma had a significant awakening experience which left her with unique abilities. These were gifts of awareness, which allow Alma to connect through other planes of our lived experience, often not detected through our typical senses. By listening deeply to what your body, soul and life events reveal to her, Alma recognises and finds expression through the language of the soul to help you heal and engage with the splendour of your existence.

During her journey, Alma has trained and studied multiple healing disciplines, which she integrates into her treatments. Each treatment is specific to your needs, and outcomes are linked to enhancing your awareness, connecting with a deeper meaning in life and pushing through challenging times, while understanding more about your essential self.



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