The health and safety of our guests and Hosts at Soneva Kiri is a key priority. Since the resort opened in 2009, smoke detectors have been fitted in every bedroom and guest areas across all villas at Soneva Kiri.

Following the fire in Villa 63 on March 06, 2022, our fire safety system has recently undergone thorough testing and we have also audited all our fire safety systems, equipment, procedures and protocols in collaboration with an external agency that specialises in fire safety. We will be working with them closely and follow any recommendations they may have to further improve our systems and equipment.

We assure our guests that we have a comprehensive fire safety plan in place at Soneva Kiri, which includes smoke detectors, hydrants and extinguishers at key places across the resort, and mobile firefighting equipment including pumps. Our hosts participate in fire drills and fire safety training every single month.

Our fire and safety protocols are specially adapted to reflect our forest locations. Our dedicated on-site fire team has undergone intensive training with fire and safety professionals. We are confident that this training helped us to contain the fire in Villa 63 to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the resort or island.

Find below some images of our existing smoke detectors in all villas and guest areas, as well as the videos showing the location of the fire alarms and fire extinguishers in our main villa categories.

Please contact us if you need any more information.

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