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Dive deeper into the Slow Life at Soneva

Soneva Sustainability Report 2021

Read our Soneva Sustainability Report for 2021. An in-depth view of all our sustainable endevours in the past year.

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Soneva Foundation Magazine

The fourth edition of the Soneva Foundation Magazine features the Soneva Foundation’s Action Against Hunger project in Bangladesh.

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Message in a Bottle

Read about the latest news and happenings at Soneva

Ayurveda principles to integrate into the rhythm of your life

Beth Alexander gives us insights on the benefits of living a life in tune with Ayurveda. She writes about balance and going beyond the physical realm into a more wholistic way of living.

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Slowlife Chats with Pjey Mayandi

In conversation with Pjey Mayandi, General Manager (Guardian of the Experience), Soneva Fushi, Maldives

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A World of Stars

Our recent line-up of visiting experts of Soneva Fushi.

Enrichment and Education

See the latest recommended reads from our Barefoot Booksellers, and discover what’s new in our Soneva Academy learning programme

Blind to the Mind – Sudhir Kothari & Kinjal Goyal

A candid peek into the consulting rooms of doctors across various specialties. They narrate heartfelt stories about patients who taught them how the mind and body exert a strong influence over one another during the course of any ailment. The authors, a neurologist, and a psychologist, take you through this riveting narrative, building upon the insights that every field of medicine presents. Brutally honest learnings from those who wear their brains on their sleeves! Whether you are a practicing medical professional, a patient, or a caregiver, Blind to the Mind is a must read. It is time to start the conversation, to ask the hard questions, and to open our minds to the answers that have been here all along.

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Meet Malsa, our Barefoot Bookseller at Soneva Jani

Malsa Maaz is our first Maldivian Barefoot Bookseller. Passionate about our ‘No News, No Shoes’ ethos, Malsa encourages people to disconnect, relax and reconnect with the ground beneath their feet and a book in their hands. Our Barefoot Booksellers document life at Soneva through their weekly blogs.

Epicurean Adventures

Discover our new dining destinations and go behind the scenes at our kitchens

Our Soneva Family

Find out more about some of your favourite Soneva Hosts

At Soneva, our Hosts embody our SLOWLIFE values. We are so proud of their warmth, dedication and intuition, through which we are able to deliver the highest levels of service and hospitality, offer exceptional and enriching guest experiences and set new standards for responsible tourism.

Slowlife Chats with Pawan Kumar

In conversation with our resident yogi, Pawan Kumar.

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Slowlife Chats with Hassan Sodhiq

Hassan Sodhiq, Team Leader, Eco Centro, Soneva Jani, Maldives

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Meet Grant Ruffel, Captain of Soneva in Aqua

An interview with the Captain of Soneva in Aqua, Grant Ruffel. Soneva in Aqua is our ultra-luxurious 23-metre yacht in the Maldives combines Soneva’s luxurious hospitality with the freedom of a private charter on the Indian Ocean. Grant has been captaining boats of all kinds in a multitude of places around the globe for more than two decades.

A Day in the Life

Our hosts pay attention to the smallest details

Planet and People

Learn about our sustainability initiatives and ongoing efforts to support our ecosystems and local communities


Island Secrets: The Story of the Snake Gourd

A story by Ritu Mathur, our Area Permaculturist, on how co-existing with nature is the secret to success.

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The Bunny Clinic at Soneva Fushi

We are happy to announce a dedicated bunny clinic at Soneva Fushi for all our furry friends that roam the island.

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Mosquito Management

Reaching Zero

Soneva and Biogents Lead the Way in Sustainable Pest Management Practices in the Maldives.

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Soneva Namoona Stories: Soneva Water

A success story of Soneva Namoona’s terrific accomplishments in supporting the local community with Soneva Water.

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Remarkable Experiences

Introducing our latest offerings and one-of-a-kind activities

Astronomical Dinner Cruise​​

This incredible experience begins at late sunset, featuring a four-course meal with wine pairings. Our resident Astronomer will guide you through the wonders that stare back at you across the night sky, sharing secrets of the cosmos.

Diving at Soneva Kiri

Discover some of Thailand’s most remarkable dive sites with our experienced Dive Team, just a short boat ride from Soneva Kiri. Swim amongst colourful shoals of tropical fish, vibrant corals and majestic whale sharks or explore sunken wrecks and the hidden secrets of the seabed. The PADI Dive Team works with divers of all abilities and experience levels, from discovery dives to open water.

eFoil, eSurf & Seabob

Experience the ocean with complete freedom. Gliding, diving, skimming – all of this is possible with a SEABOB. Learn to move through the water like a fish, on the surface and beneath the waves. The SEABOB is environmentally friendly, moving powerfully and almost silently as you explore the marine world. eFoils use an advanced battery to power a silent electric motor that is mounted on an all-carbon fibre hydrofoil, which can be controlled with a wireless Bluetooth hand controller. Riders, from beginners to those already skilled on a board, can fly for over an hour of fun at speeds of up to 40km per hour! What happens if you fit a surfboard with a motor? You get an eSurf-board with a carbon fibre body that is hydrodynamic and stable. The board also houses the motor, and you control the handheld throttle. The eSurf lets you get up to speeds of 56km per hour, making this an exhilarating water sport.

Fishing is a Family Matter

Embark on an ocean adventure with Soneva Fushi’s Maldivian fisherman, Rocket, and his family to learn how to fish sustainably with the Fishing is a Family Matter experience. Rocket has been supplying fish to Soneva Fushi since it was in construction, he knows what the chefs need and knows where to find the fish. After fishing, guests can have their catch of the day prepared for them back at the resort using Rocket’s wife’s marinade recipe. Starting at 17:30. Dinner is served at 19:30

Ever Soneva So Connected: Four-Atoll Adventure

Get the full Maldivian island experience by exploring four of the most beautiful Atolls in the archipelago: the Baa Atoll, the Raa Atoll, the Noonu Atoll and the Lhaviyani Atoll*. Day one: After boarding Soneva in Aqua, hoist the sails and make passage to the northern Baa Atoll with a full day of activities, spa sessions and customised meals prepared by your very own chef. Anchor in the shallow waters of Veyofushi, where dolphins and manta rays swim playfully. Island excursions are a guest favourite, as well as sunset on our top deck with cocktails and canapés before a candle-lit, four-course dinner. Day two: Start with a sunrise yoga session and a light breakfast then sail to the Raa Atoll, with its many islands and shallow reefs. Right up until the 1990s, this atoll was off-limits to tourists so is relatively unspoiled. There is even a ghost island left from the tsunami of 2004. Raa Atoll offers many fabulous locations to swim, snorkel and perhaps explore on our stand up paddleboard. A leap off the top deck of the yacht is another guest favourite! You can also enjoy having your own on-board spa therapist with a massage in the privacy of your own cabin or on any one of our many decks. Day three: Begin your third day with a fresh coffee and island breakfast before making passage to the Noonu Atoll. Here you’ll see an abundance of sea life in and around its many reefs. Snorkel or dive at locations such as Christmas Rock, often frequented by sharks. Stop for a late lunch at The Crab Shack at the Soneva Jani, recently voted the ‘World’s Most Romantic Restaurant’ on Return to the yacht and sail to a protected anchorage where it is not uncommon for spinner dolphins to put on a sunset aerial display. Day four: Enjoy a wellness session of sunrise meditation or yoga before breakfast. Be awed by snorkelling with the highest density of fusiliers and snappers in the Maldives, then rest on the top deck with a spa treatment while we cross over to the Lhaviyani Atoll. The diving here is exceptional, with only five occupied islands in the whole atoll. After lunch, dive the Kuredu Caves and spot sleeping turtles resting in the underwater caverns and nooks. Anchor off Vavaru Island, which is perfect for a private beach barbecue and a star-gazing session. Day five: Get the adrenaline flowing after a morning meditation by swinging off the boom into the calm waters surrounding our anchorage. Relax and unwind on the stern hammock hanging over the ocean as we leave the anchorage and head back to the Baa Atoll. The route back takes us right past the unique Hanifaru Bay, which in season attracts hundreds manta rays and whale sharks, both of which are amazing to swim with. Enjoy your last spa treatment after a light lunch as we head back to Soneva Fushi. *Note: This itinerary can be customised based on your preferences.

Koh Kood Discovery

Learn more about the local way of life on Koh Kood. Visit the Ao Salat fishing village, lose yourself in the natural beauty of the lush mangrove forest, and take a dip in the magnificent Klong Chao waterfall and its cooling freshwater pools.

Seven Days, Seven Beaches

Step aboard a wooden fishing boat to explore some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, bays and hidden coves. The boat becomes your private beach club at anchor: snorkel, swim ashore to sunbathe, go kayaking or paddle boarding, and enjoy a gourmet lunch, prepared on board. Each day takes you to a different beach, including: Klong Chao Beach, Ao Kluai, Koh Rang’s Blue Lagoon, Klong Han Beach, Ao Tapao, Klong Ngamko Beach and Takhian Beach. Choose from a one-day cruise or the full seven-day adventure.

Body and Soul

Unwind and rejuvenate with our latest holistic wellness therapies and fitness programmes

Your Self-Care Guide For Sensitive Skin

Tips and suggestions from Talya Honebeek on how we can protect and nourish sensitive skin by simply following the seven steps in this insightful article.

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The best mindfulness apps to quiet your thoughts 

Easy ways to connect with yourself, written by Lucy Miller

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Colour me happy

How chromatherapy can colour your mood.

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How to “hygge” your workspace, whether in an office or working from home

Hygge is the cozy feeling you get when you are enjoying the good things in life, either alone or with loved ones or friends. Learn how we can “hygge” our homes & workspaces, and enrich our lives further.

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Become an Islander

Luxurious Private Residences in the Maldives and Thailand with Soneva Villa Ownership

Villa 3 at Soneva Jani

Say hello to the Sunset Sanctuary (Villa 3), the only 3-bedroom over-water Residence at Soneva Jani.

Located at the very tip of the sunset side of the resort, this stunning property boasts mesmerizing ocean views from each room. With a total area of 625 square metres, the villa has bright, spacious rooms, our signature outdoor bathroom with private access to the lagoon.

The ground floor offers a master bedroom (with an adjoining children’s sleeping area) with our iconic retractable roof for late night in-bed stargazing, study, pantry with minibar, and a lounge area that completely opens up to the 12-metre-long swimming pool. There is one guest bedroom on the ground floor and one upstairs along with a TV lounge for movie nights and a private in-villa gym. The property also has a private water slide, which is a feature that all the family will love.

The Sunset Sanctuary Villa, as part of our Villa Ownership programme, generates a significant return for its lucky owner, meaning it makes money for you when you are not on the island.

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Villa 28 at Soneva Jani

The spectacular Villa 28 at Soneva Jani is up for sale under the Soneva Villa Ownership programme. An expansive beachfront suite, the Four Bedroom Island Reserve affords a wealth of luxury while allowing for customisation depending on your requirements. Spacious indoor-outdoor living areas abound, including a steam bath, changing room, sauna, master bedroom, TV lounge, dining room, private pool, kitchen and wine vault. The second floor is home to a further three bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms, and the villa’s private gym. The pool has its own water slide, as well as a dedicated children’s pool. The two ground floor bedrooms come with outdoor bathrooms with lush gardens and water features.

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Villa 45 at Soneva Fushi

Discover a burst of excitement in this playfully indulgent luxury suite. Upstairs and downstairs bedrooms, a choice of sitting areas high and low, a swimming pool of your own, direct beach access, two lush open-air garden bathrooms, personal bicycles for island exploration and more. Discover your favourite spot. Ours? The private balcony reached via the gangway off the upstairs bedroom. This 2-bedroom island villa is up for sale at Soneva Fushi.

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