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In the Maldives’ first hot glass studio at Soneva Fushi, we create beauty from what others consider waste. From bespoke glassware for our villas and restaurants to striking works of art, all of the exquisite pieces are recycled from used glass bottles from Soneva Fushi and our other nearby resorts.

Selected works from acclaimed artists, including Lino Tagliapietra, Tobias Mohl and Martin Janecky, among others, are also available to purchase at the So Glassycle studio.

Soneva Art & Glass is delighted to welcome returning glass artist in residence, Clare Belfrage. Inspired by nature and its various rhythms and energies, Clare’s sculptures express her fine attention to detail and a deep interest in the minutiae of the natural world.

With a career spanning over three decades, Clare is a distinguished figure in the world of glass art and stands as one of Australia’s most celebrated glass artists. Her works have been exhibited in prestigious galleries across Australia, Europe and the USA, and are represented in major public collections such as The Corning Museum of Glass in the USA, Ebeltoft Museum in Denmark and the National Gallery of Australia.

A Natural Language – An exhibition by Clare Belfrage
A Natural Language showcases Clare’s fascination with the patterns and rhythms of the natural world. Made during her residency at Soneva Fushi, the exhibition has grown from her immersive experience of Kunfunadhoo Island and its sea, sky and land – an inspirational environment that is dynamic, turbulent, fecund, beautiful and peaceful. The exhibition will be hosted at Soneva Art & Glass gallery from May 22 to 1 July, 2024.

 Our Past Visiting Artists

Experiences at Soneva Art & Glass

Glassblowing Class

Enjoy the truly rare experience of learning how to blow glass in Soneva Fushi’s Art & Glass Studio. Our experienced team of glass specialists work very closely with our guests to create their very own masterpiece to take home. All works created at the Art & Glass Studio are made using recycled glass bottles from Soneva Fushi and other nearby resorts. A personalized tour of the Soneva Art Gallery and the Soneva Glass Boutique is available upon request.

Paperweight Class

Our paperweight lesson offers the rare experience of trying your hand at an age-old tradition. It is an exciting introduction to working with molten glass. The studio team will help guide you through the fundamentals of the glass making process, creating your own artwork that captures your experience.

Available at So Glassycle

Selected works from acclaimed visiting artists, including Setsu & Shinobu ItoClare Belfrage and Janusz Poźniak among others, are also available to purchase at the So Glassycle studio.

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