Hattem Mattar

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Hattem Mattar

From April 20, 2023 to April 30, 2023

From fine dining at Emirates Palace to sold-out pop-ups across the city, Hattem Mattar has made it his mission to make BBQ culture a part of the fabric of the UAE’s food scene. Having called the UAE home since 1998, Hattem is one of Dubai’s most sought-after chefs, the world’s first Arab pitmaster, the first Dubai tastemaker and the first culinary ambassador to the UAE Embassy in Washington D.C. He is also the founder of Mattar.ae, Dubai’s first and only artisan smokehouse.

Hattem has represented the UAE and the Arab community at large at global BBQ festivals in Brazil, Australia, the UK and the US, and is the only chef to have done the entire circuit in one year. In the UAE, Hattem and the Mattar team have opened live-fire kitchens and concepts to showcase the hospitality of the region and the versatility of the cuisine.

With a strong belief in using local produce and livestock and an emphasis on live fire and third-culture cuisine, Hattem believes these unite the world at a common table around a common fire. Hattem aims to make the grill an essential and delicious part of daily cuisine and storytelling for all.


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