Flying Sauces x Magnolia Ristorante

Flying Sauces is hosting an exclusive 12-week residency by Italian chef Alberto Faccani and his team from two-Michelin-starred Magnolia Ristorante.

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Flying Sauces x Magnolia Ristorante

Flying Sauces is hosting an exclusive 12-week residency by Italian chef Alberto Faccani and his team from two-Michelin-starred Magnolia Ristorante.

From The Den to Dolphin Beach. This is a wifi-free, quiet zone.

Open for dinner

Dine with chef Alberto Faccani and his team from two-Michelin-starred Magnolia Ristorante, who are currently running an exclusive 12-week pop-up from February 1 until April 30, 2023. A rare opportunity to dine with one of Italy’s best chefs, the menu showcases his signature style that’s entirely driven by food, crafted using noteworthy ingredients with no anchoring to tradition and a focus on the dining experience as a whole.

Each recipe comes from the spark of an idea. Added to this is the extensive research into details and processes that have now become Chef Alberto’s signature style. Lightened of everything superfluous, his cuisine is increasingly personal: subtle, clean, colourful and creative, while remaining down-to-earth.

Working alongside chef Alberto during the 12-week Flying Sauces residency will be Chef de Partie at Magnolia Ristorante, Sean Conti.

Please note, this is a wifi-free, quiet zone.


Menu Highlights

Meet Chef Alberto Faccani

Chef Alberto has been passionate about the restaurant industry since he was a small child. Named by prestigious Italian food and wine guide, Identità Golose, as one of the ‘100 chefs who have changed Italian cuisine in the last 10 years’, his dynamic style of cuisine is self-taught, blending styles, forms and traditions. After working at the Michelin-starred La Frasca and Enotecca Pinchiorri restaurants, aged just 27, he decided to open his own restaurant, Magnolia, in 2003. Within just 18 months, it received its first Michelin star, and today has two Michelin stars to its name.

Meet Chef Sean Conti

Hailing from Longiano in the region of Emilia-Romagna, chef Sean studied Fine Art in Milan before donning his chef whites and forging a career in the culinary industry. With extensive experience working in Michelin-starred kitchens, chef Sean combines his knowledge of fine art with his passion for food to create visually striking dishes at Magnolia Ristorante.


A Message from Chef Alberto Faccani

“Magnolia Ristorante is the realisation of a lifelong dream. It allowed me to express my passion for cooking and to work on other important projects, including a collaboration with Soneva Fushi. The sea is part of me. Feeling it close gives me the energy and strength I need. Furthermore, its breeze accompanies me, every day, all the way to the kitchen. This allows me to unleash my creativity through different forms, giving traditional recipes a new and contemporary twist. With the help and support of my colleagues, I can bring my idea of cooking to life in several places around the world at the same time”.

Discover the Story Behind Flying

The zipline was a wish of our Creative Director and Conscience, Eva Malmström Shivdasani. It was first inspired 15 years ago by a visit to Costa Rica, where ziplining through beautiful rainforests and picturesque national parks is a favourite past-time for locals and visitors alike. Originally, Eva planned our Soneva Fushi zipline to descend from the Turtle Beach Champa to Fresh in the Garden, so guests could enjoy a drink near the beach before soaring down to dinner. 

Eventually, Sonu found the ideal setting, surrounded by the lush jungle between The Den and Dolphin Beach, and decided to also add a restaurant. The 200-metre trail winds its way through the trees, before arriving at the elevated open kitchen and treetop dining platform, perfectly positioned to maximise the magical vistas over the sparkling sea.

Taking fine dining to exhilarating new heights

Flying Sauces is the world’s first fine dining zipline experience. Glide along the 200-metre zipline route through the leafy jungle to our treetop table and open kitchen – at 12 metres above the ground, it has exceptional views across the sparkling ocean. The menu is expertly paired with a selection of wines from our extensive cellars, which house the largest collection of wines and Champagnes in the Indian Ocean.

An experience to remember…

The Flying Sauces zipline takes a scenic route through the forest at a height of five to ten metres – with towering platforms and rope bridges along the way, it ends at an elevated dining tower, raised 12 metres above the ground with exceptional views over the ocean. Operating during daylight hours only, the zipline takes approximately one hour 15 minutes; the Flying Sauces dining experiences take an additional one hour for breakfast and high tea, and two to three hours for dinner. Each Flying Sauces experience is suitable for a maximum 10 to 12 guests aged eight and above, divided into two groups of six guests.

Please note: All guests are required to wear a safety harness, which will be fitted and checked by our trained Hosts.

Get in Touch

Start your zipline adventure and get in touch with our reservations team or your Barefoot Guardian to book your table at Flying Sauces, customise your menu or learn more about this bucket-list experience.

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