Barefoot Guardian (Russian and Chinese Speaker)

We are looking for a Barefoot Guardian (Russian and Chinese Speaker)

Soneva Fushi

Barefoot Guardian (Russian and Chinese Speaker)

  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Contract Term: Full time
  • Location: Soneva Fushi
  • Department: LIFE
  • Date Added: September 5, 2023
  • Closes: October 31, 2023



Qualifications, Skills, and Experience Required:

  • Produce, when needed, high quality nigiri omakase meal, including demonstrating this in front of guests, or at live stations.
  • Produce a range of ready to eat sushi and sushi rolls and all condiments.
  • Produce a range of ready to eat sashimi and all condiments.
  • Produce tempura dishes. Produce noodle dishes, including noodle soups and soups in general. Produce rice dishes, including fried rice and Donabe style dishes.
  • Produce a teppanyaki experience, including cooking live in front of guests.
  • Produce a range of breakfast specials as well as other (comfort) meals throughout all meal periods.
  • Develop a range of special guests experiences such as Omakase sushi, Teppanyaki, Irori, BBQ etc etc.
  • Develop a range of DIY meal experiences like Suki Yaki, Hot Pots or table grills.
  • Recommend wine or sake pairing with their dishes.
  • Develop and demonstrate with guests, Sushi Classes. Cover all meal periods including breakfast.

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