Our Philosophy

Inspiring a Lifetime of Rare Experiences

At Soneva we offer experiences with Intelligent Luxury in mind. Intelligent Luxury is our vehicle for delivering this inspiration to our guests.The definition of luxury is something that is a rarity, and in today’s society that is peace, time and space. Luxury is about feeling the sand between your toes and dinner under a canopy of a billion stars. Luxury is about reconnecting with oneself and the natural environment, and so the experiences we create for our guests are as far removed from the urban environment and as possible. Our intention is to provide real luxury and experiences that are both rare and strike a chord in their hearts.

The first thing we do is ask our guests if they would like to remove their shoes. Our fondly observed ‘No News, No Shoes’ mantra grounds our guests both to nature and socially. At Soneva we encourage our guests to go bare when it comes to their feet.

Sometimes the more sustainable  option is actually the  more luxurious one. For instance,  for someone living in an urban context, the fresh salad that was picked that morning, becomes more luxurious than the imported meats and seafood that might be on the menu. These ingredients are not luxurious, just expensive, neither are they rare for the urban elite  living in capital cities. Whereas a rocket salad that was picked that morning is certainly a rarity, and thus a luxury that is seldom achieved for a person living in an urban environment.

In essence, we offer a slower, more appreciative lifestyle. Wealthy people today live in cities, in boxes: our apartments are boxes, our cars are boxes and our offices are boxes. It’s nearly impossible to breathe clean air. Spending a short time at our resorts allows people forget about  life’s supposed necessities, from checking your smartphone to wearing elaborate outfits.

Our guests change a little while they’re with us. They love taking a leisurely shower under the open sky or watching a movie under a starlit canopy. This may sound like a naïve message coming from a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, accessible only to a handful of privileged travellers, but we see it as an awareness-building experience. We want people to recognise the necessity of repairing the damage that we, the rich, have caused. The energy we consume, the water that we take for granted. The hotel industry can put that idea across. We get our customers involved so that they can spread the good word.

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