Page 76 - Soneva Wedding Brochure
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Can you provide a make up artist and hair stylist?
Yes, we can arrange for a hairstylist and makeup artist to arrive before the wedding for a trial run. If you are happy with their service, we can book them for the day.
What is your capacity?
We can do small, intimate weddings for a handful of people up to weddings for hundreds of people and full resort buy-outs. You tell us your ideas
and we will turn them into reality.
Are transfers included
in  e package?
Yes. Once you have landed, you and your guests will step aboard our private plane and enjoy a short  ight to our resorts
as part of your experience.
Can you organise
 e wedding flowers?
Our blooming rainforests and island jungles are home to an array of tropical  owers. As a nature-inspired and sustainable company, we are reluctant to cut them down, but as they fall, we will gather them, preserve them and turn them into resplendent arrangements.
Can I arrange
a site visit?
Of course. What’s more, if you decide
to spend time at one of our resorts before the wedding, the cost of your stay will be deducted from the cost of the wedding
if you proceed to book with us.
When can I have a menu tasting session?
The menu tasting session can be arranged during your site visit, where you will have the opportunity to visit our herb and vegetable gardens, meet our chefs and sample some of the exquisite cuisine that they craft.

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