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Yes No Yes
No No
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Inside only No Yes
Inside only No Yes
Inside only Yes Yes
Inside only No Yes
Outside only Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Outside only Yes Yes
A celebrated restaurant located in a classic wooden Thai structure stilted encircling Klong Yai Kee waterfall.
A unique dining experience within a bamboo pod that is gently hoisted high up into the tropical foliage of Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest.
A traditionally styled cooking cottage complete with Thai-style seating and relaxed day beds. Nestled high
on the hill, the restaurant is an interactive food arena, featuring a gourmet deli and the interactive cooking hut.
A modern restaurant atop the cliff on the sunset side
of the island. Serves bistro-style cooking with locally-sourced ingredients prepared using Western techniques.
A bar attached to The View restaurant that offers a full selection of beverage.
A restaurant experience featuring more than 350 wine labels presented in a climate-controlled cave, with more than 50% being organic or biodynamic wines.
A clifftop destination that offers lunch, pre-dinner drinks and dinner accompanied by spectacular rainforest and ocean views.
An intimate live cooking display serving freshly cooked food. Guests can also enjoy a unique opportunity to learn from the culinary masters at a personal cooking class.
A pristine beach that offers light bites and drinks, sandwiches and wraps, and a full selection of beverages.
An expansive space at the heart of the resort that features
a view of the bay, an ice-cream parlour and chocolate room.
A silent overwater cinema - the  rst of its kind in Thailand - surrounded by tropical forestry. The screen and super sound system are ideal for displaying personal videos.

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