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 e Den
On the best day of your life, it is important
to have family and friends close, however big
or small they may be. For your littlest guests, The Den offers a secret retreat where they can escape from grownups and delve into their own adventure in a giant bamboo ray suspended in the sky. Supervised by trained staff,
you can leave them to explore with total
peace of mind.
Cinema Paradiso
Relax into cascading cushions in our jungle-enshrouded, open-air auditorium over the waters of the reservoir lagoon. A specially prepared video, a montage of photographs – watch the story of your lives together unfold on the big screen in the company of loved ones and under a blanket of stars.
Musical notes
Ambiance is everything, and music has
the power to move people. Set the mood
of your wedding with a choice of local and international musicians playing traditional or modern music. Slow dance, sway and savour every song that sets the theme
tune to your special day.

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