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Je y ceremony
Reaching out into the crystal clear waters
of the Gulf of Thailand, our wooden jetty offers an all-natural setting for a unique and intimate wedding ceremony. Arrive by a colourful  sherman’s boat to the cheers and applause of your guests waiting expectantly on the deck. Stand beneath
a beautiful arch woven from bamboo and fallen  owers gathered from the rainforest, and admire the blue of the sea re ected in your partner’s eyes as you promise forever.
(Suitable for intimate ceremonies only)
Private vi a ceremony
Gazing out to sea from your private jungle-covered cliff top reserve, discover the magic of total seclusion as you say your vows in the company of your closest family and friends. Hands and hearts entwined, celebrate your union on a deck that stretches out over the hilltop against the beauty of the jungle’s exotic soundtrack.
(Suitable for intimate ceremonies)

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