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Turtle Beach champa ceremony
Our cool, glass-walled sala nestled high above the rich green of the island foliage
and the shimmering azure of the ocean provides a wonderful venue for a ceremony with a view that is sure to impress. Secreted away in this intimate setting, share your commitment
to each other in front of friends and family, with the embrace of nature as your witness.
(Suitable for intimate ceremonies)
Underwater ceremony
For the less traditional couple, our underwater scuba ceremony is a novel way to exchange vows. Board a petal strewn boat and sail out into the glittering ocean with the one you love. Submerge in the translucent waters and follow the ceremony through a waterproof audio player. With no one but the tropical  sh watching, you will give in
to the beauty of utter seclusion.
(Suitable for intimate ceremonies only)

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