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Private sandbank ceremony
A ceremony on our private sandbank offers ample space and the ultimate desert island setting. Arrive by Maldivian dhow, and step off the traditional boat into the palpable warmth of love and affection from friends and family waiting on the shore. Say your vows under an arch made entirely from fallen island blooms, and commit to a life together to the moving sounds of live local music and the waves gently lapping on the shore.
(Suitable for intimate ceremonies as well as larger groups)
Private vi a garden ceremony
An evening ceremony in the beachfront garden of our larger villas is ideal for an intimate and romantic ceremony. Lit by hundreds of glowing lanterns and  ickering candles, the garden becomes an enchanted haven. Walk down the aisle under the glow of candlelight and a canopy of stars, before committing to the one you love against the chirps and chirrups of nature’s beautiful soundtrack.
(Suitable for intimate ceremonies)

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