Soneva Soul is a transformative wellness brand from Soneva that combines ancient wisdom with modern science to reconnect mind, body and soulRedefining wellness, personalised care plans help guests realise their utmost potential and achieve their long-term health and wellbeing goals.

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Wellness Programmes

Bespoke immersive journeys that range from three days to two weeks.

Resident Doctors

Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist | Soneva Jani

Dr Ashley Aperocho

Born and raised in Canada, Dr Ashley completed her residency in Arizona, with a special focus in sports medicine, hormones, acupuncture and medical aesthetic. She integrates the science and art of medicine to focus on treating the root cause of illness.

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Naturopathic Doctor | Soneva Fushi

Dr Michelle Valdes

With a doctorate from the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine and a clinical focus in metabolic, gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders, Dr Michelle employs varied treatment modalities to guide patients back to health.

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Ayurvedic Doctor | Soneva Jani

Dr Aravind Appukkuttan

Dr Aravind uses traditional diagnosing methods such as pulse readings or Prakruti analysis to detect internal issues. By offering bespoke ayurvedic treatments, including Keraliya Panchakarma and healing Marma therapies, he’s able to treat a range of musculoskeletal and lifestyle disorders with a holistic approach.

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Ayurvedic Doctor | Soneva Fushi

Dr Vidya Dinesh

With over 20 years of experience as a physician, Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Vidya specialises in panchakarma as well as customised wellness packages. Using a consultative approach, she finds a range of solutions through targeted treatments.

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TCM Practitioner | Soneva Jani

Dr Leslie Morley

A trained naturopath and acupuncturist, Leslie also worked as a clinical supervisor and visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster. As the resident Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner at Soneva Jani, she treats a diverse array of conditions but has a special interest in pain management as well as women’s health.

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TCM Practitioner | Soneva Fushi

Dr Shun Hang (Josiah) Ngai

Specialising in acupuncture, Dr Josiah has vast expertise in pain management and neurological disorders using a combination of tailored therapies. He also believes in preventative medicine, incorporating stretching, strengthening and meditative exercises to enhance treatments.

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Resort Doctor | Soneva Jani

Dr Mohamed Alaaeldeen

Dr Mohamed brings more than eight years of experience in emergency and general medicine to his practice at Soneva Jani. With a robust background in managing urgent medical cases, he excels in providing thorough care to patients of diverse ages and backgrounds.

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Movement Specialists

Movement Specialist | Soneva Jani

Eric Munters

With over 14 years of coaching experience, Eric’s expertise extends from working with eliteathletes to aiding individuals in their recovery from illness or injury. He is dedicated to empowering every client to reach new levels of fitness excellence.

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Movement Specialist | Soneva Fushi

Victoria St Leger

Victoria is a dedicated fitness professional with more than eight years of experience. Specialising in CrossFit, female health and performance, and pain management, she is a passionate advocate for health and longevity through the power of movement.

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Pilates Instructor | Soneva Jani

Rushika Todarwal

As a traditional Indian dancer, Rushika is a student of all things ‘movement’, with a curiosity for learning and discerning the best techniques to enable guests to move more freely, with more joy and remain pain-free whilst doing so.

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Discover Our Visiting Wellness Experts

Numthip Puntha

Numthip, also known as Khun Amp, specialises in physiotherapy, reiki, sound healing and chi neitsang. She is dedicated to promoting the connection between mind, body and spiritual well-being to help individuals become more aware and discover their full potential in order to achieve happiness.
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