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This year, there’s no better time to visit Soneva. Our Soneva Stars programme celebrates the diverse array of guest activities and experiences on offer, ranging from Michelin-starred chefs to sporting legends and acclaimed therapists.

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Sun, Aug 1, 2021 / Tue, Aug 31, 2021

Heiko Nieder

Soneva Fushi: July 21 – 28, 2021 Soneva Jani: July 28 – August 4, 2021 Originally from Germany, Heiko Nieder completed his training as a chef at the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg. In 2003, he was awarded “Discovery of the Year” by Gault Millau for his culinary creations at the L’Orquivit in Bonn, which he ran for five years. In 2004, he was awarded one Michelin star, and in 2006 he garnered 17 Gault Millau points. Since its opening, he has been Chef Fine Dining at the Dolder Grand’s The Restaurant. In the first year alone, The Restaurant was awarded 17 Gault Millau points and one Michelin star. In November 2010, it received its second Michelin star, then in October 2012, it was awarded its 18th Gault Millau point, and Heiko was crowned “Most Improved Chef of the Year”. July 2013 saw him named “Hotel Chef of the Year” by Swiss magazine, Bilanz, as part of its annual hotel ratings. Gault Millau Germany presented him with the award for “Best German Chef Abroad” in November 2014, and he was crowned “Le Grand Chef du Guide Bleu” in the 2014/2015 Guide Bleu. In 2017, Nieder received the “Chef of the Year” award from Sonntagszeitung, then in October 2018 he received his 19th Gault Millau point, followed by the title “Gault Millau Chef of the Year 2019”.
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Almudena ‘Alma’ Romera

Energy Work | Emotional Balance | Soul Transformation Originally from Spain, Alma has dedicated more than half of her life to supporting the growth and healing of the people around her ­– in body, in soul and in connection to the environment in which we live. Over a decade ago, Alma had a significant awakening experience which left her with unique abilities. These were gifts of awareness, which allow Alma to connect through other planes of our lived experience, often not detected through our typical senses. By listening deeply to what your body, soul and life events reveal to her, Alma recognises and finds expression through the language of the soul to help you heal and engage with the splendour of your existence. During her journey, Alma has trained and studied multiple healing disciplines, which she integrates into her treatments. Each treatment is specific to your needs, and outcomes are linked to enhancing your awareness, connecting with a deeper meaning in life and pushing through challenging times, while understanding more about your essential self.  
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Bodhin Philip Woodward

Energy Work | Mindfulness | Stress Reduction With more than three decades’ experience in mindfulness and energy work, Bodhin is the CEO and Director of Training of the Mindful Academy Solterreno, as well as founder of Solterreno Retreat Centre on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. An ordained Buddhist, his bestowed title ‘Bodhin’ means “Intent upon Awakening”. Having practiced mindfulness on a daily basis since 1985, Bodhin began his professional journey at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) School of Psychology, Bangor University and, among his many qualifications, is an MBSR Certified Teacher and Trainer, an MBCT Teacher and an accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Trainer. Along the way, he has led both secular and Buddhist retreats for over 20 years, and has trained more than 350 mindfulness teachers, who in turn use the skills and knowledge he has shared to help many thousands of others, spreading compassion across the world. Bodhin uses a multi-faceted approach to work with you that includes Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Stress Reduction Approaches, Mindfulness-based Therapeutic Yoga and Yin Yoga. This highly personalised pathway addresses your own individual needs, whether helping you manage stress or anxiety, finding solutions for living well with pain and illness, or helping prevent relapse into depression.    
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Paco Morales

Like a culinary Indiana Jones, Paco Morales recovers, studies and shapes a new epicurean language from the ruins of a prosperous past. He is a chef of history – a gastrochaeologist, so if you love history then the experience at Paco Morales’ restaurant Noor in the South of Spain is an absolute must. Noor, an illuminating restaurant hidden in the ancient heritage of Córdoba in Andalusia – once one of the brightest city lights of the modern world, the Rome of the time – has received two Michelin stars within just three years, a maximum of three soles (suns) from the most prestigious Spanish dining guide, Repsol, and just recently the restaurant of ancient tales blasted into The Best Chef Top 100, with a first new entry ranked as #29. What makes Noor (“light” in Arabic) interesting is Morales’ culinary history lesson in Andalusia’s Moorish heritage from the 10th to the 15th century, when Andalusia for more than 800 years was known as Al-Ándalus under Arabic rule. From the geometric, medina-like design, to dishes that seamlessly balance ancient flavours and modernist techniques, Noor celebrates the sensuality of Andalusia — the patterned tiles, the voluptuous curves, the notes of cinnamon, the stain of saffron. Today Paco Morales is one of the most prominent figures in Spanish gastronomy, with Ferran Adrià calling him “one of the most exciting chefs in the world.”
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Béatriz Gonzalez

Born into a family of Mexican restaurateurs, Béatriz grew up in kitchens owned by her parents. She arrived in France when she was 18, joining the Paul Bocuse Institute in 1999. She immersed herself in French culture and language, crossing paths with Matthew Marcant, who she married and works alongside today. Thanks to her training and hard work, Béatriz took her first steps in the restaurant industry in 2000. This began at La Belle Otero, now the Carlton, in Cannes, before she joined the team of the famous Lyonnais chef, Pierre Orsi. Back in her homeland, she helped her parents open their third restaurant. But eager for discovery and adventure, she decided to return to Italy for a year. In 2002, she returned to Lucas Carton in Paris, quickly climbing the ladder before becoming Deputy Head of La Grande Cascade. Passionate and enterprising, in 2011 Béatriz opened her own restaurant, NEVA CUISINE, with her husband. The modern, delicious menu was a success, pushing the couple to open a second establishment, CORETTA. Located in Paris’ 17th arrondissement, this neobistrot offers gourmet dishes inspired by traditional French cuisine that has been personalised by Béatriz’s touch of acidity and sweet-salty flavours. At the end of 2017, Béatriz also took on the kitchen of a large-scale project, the 116-seat Le Rive Droite in the 16th arrondissement.
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