Filmmaker & Freediving Expert

Martina ‘Ama’ Amati

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From December 18, 2021 to January 6, 2022

Soneva Jani

Freediving | Breath Work | Mindfulness

Ama is a BAFTA-winning Italian film director and artist, known for her underwater works which study the human body in movement, and the limits of our strengths and insights into our fragility.

Having grown up on the coast, her father a sailor, Ama’s intense relationship with the sea led her to embrace the art of freediving, with water a recurrent theme in her artistic oeuvre. Following her award-winning short films, A’mare, I Do Air and Chalk, she received the Wellcome Trust’s Large Art Award to create the critically acclaimed immersive film installation, Under, collaborating with leading freedivers and team of scientists to explore the physiological effects of freediving on the human body.

During her time at Soneva, Ama offers you the rare opportunity to experience the wonders of freediving, from learning how to breathe and prepare for your dive, to harnessing mindfulness techniques to fully engage with this remarkable underwater experience. Throughout your journey, Ama will create a short documentary film as an incredible souvenir, capturing your preparations, training and deep diving.

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